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Nonwoven Bag for shopping

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1). Material: Eco-friendly non-woven fabrics.
2). Printing: CMYK silkcreen printing, heat transfer, lamination, etc.
3). Handle: Self non woven fabric stitched with "X" to reinforce, "X" not visible from the outside
4). Weight: 80GSM, 60-120GSM non woven fabric can be choose.
5). Size: Your request is welcomed, customized.
6). Features: Eco-firendly, high quality, recyclable, reasonable price, 100%manufacturer.
7). Application: Suitable for advertisement, gift bag, grocery store, surpermarket shopping, sales promotion and so on.
8). Color reference: CMYK/PMS/full color
Item no. XHWK001
Size: 30cmW*45cmH
Material non woven
Weight: 80gsm
Piping: No piping, inside sew
Handle: Non woven
Print: Silkscreen
Others: Punched plastic handle
Label: As customized sew or not sew "made in china" label
Packing: 100pcs per carton; 1 opp bag for one carton or customerized

OEM order are acceptable
1)Strong quality control system
2) Competitive price
3) High quality goods
4) Fast reply within 24hours
4) Timely delivery

Q:Are nursery trays suitable for starting succulent offsets?
Yes, nursery trays can be suitable for starting succulent offsets. Nursery trays provide a controlled environment for succulent propagation and can help in maintaining the right moisture levels for root development. However, it is important to ensure proper drainage and use well-draining soil to prevent overwatering, as succulents are prone to root rot. Additionally, providing adequate sunlight and gradually acclimating the offsets to outdoor conditions is essential for their successful growth.
Q:I don't know what to pick either a general surgeon or a plastic surgeon. I want to know the lifestyle between them two and how many hours they make.
Both okorder /
Q:Are nursery trays suitable for urban gardening?
Yes, nursery trays are suitable for urban gardening. They are compact, lightweight, and can easily be placed in small spaces like balconies, rooftops, or windowsills. Nursery trays also provide a controlled environment for seed germination and young plant growth, making them ideal for starting a garden in an urban setting.
Q:My hamster has eat yarn and plastic. Will it hurt it??
okay yarn cant hurt it its very soft and not like pointy. and to tha plastic, its okay, but dont let it eat plastic again bcuz it can cause splinters, but yea good luck Allie
Q:Are nursery trays suitable for growing bog ferns?
No, nursery trays are not suitable for growing bog ferns. Bog ferns require a consistently moist and acidic environment, and nursery trays do not provide the necessary conditions for their growth. It is best to grow bog ferns in bog gardens or containers with a mix of peat moss, sand, and perlite to replicate their natural habitat.
Q:What types of plastic materials are used in making silage covers?
The most common types of plastic materials used in making silage covers are polyethylene (PE) and polyvinyl chloride (PVC).
Q:How are plastic poultry feeders used in agriculture?
Plastic poultry feeders are commonly used in agriculture to efficiently provide feed to poultry birds. These feeders are designed with compartments or holes that allow birds to access feed while preventing them from wasting or contaminating it. They are generally hung or placed at an appropriate height to facilitate easy access for the birds, promoting efficient feeding and reducing feed spillage. Additionally, plastic feeders are lightweight, durable, and easy to clean, making them a convenient choice for poultry farmers.
Q:Does plastic class as animal?Surely oil is formed from fossilised miniature plants and animals that have fallen to bottom of water. then covered up before being transformed over millions of years.How dead does an animal have to be before its ok for a vegan, to wear, live and use it?I guess if its not been killed by humans its ok to be used for our gain.
Most plastics are animal derived products, but no one exploited the dinosaurs, they died off millions of years before man. Vegans are against animal exploitation. BTW: all the plants we eat feed off the decaying remains of dead plants and animals, plants aren't vegetarians.
Q:What are the different types of plastic films used in fruit protection?
There are various types of plastic films that are commonly used for fruit protection, including polyethylene (PE) films, polyvinyl chloride (PVC) films, polypropylene (PP) films, and ethylene vinyl acetate (EVA) films. Each of these films has different properties and characteristics that make them suitable for specific fruit protection applications.
Q:Can nursery trays be used for hydroponics?
Yes, nursery trays can be used for hydroponics. They provide a convenient and cost-effective way to start and grow hydroponic plants, allowing for easy water circulation and nutrient absorption. However, it is important to ensure that the trays are properly sanitized and have adequate drainage holes to prevent waterlogging.

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