Nonwoven Bag for Gift and food wine

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Product Description:

1). Material: Eco-friendly non-woven fabrics.
2). Printing: CMYK silkcreen printing, heat transfer, lamination, etc.
3). Handle: Self non woven fabric stitched with "X" to reinforce, "X" not visible from the outside
4). Weight: 80GSM, 60-120GSM non woven fabric can be choose.
5). Size: Your request is welcomed, customized.
6). Features: Eco-firendly, high quality, recyclable, reasonable price, 100%manufacturer.
7). Application: Suitable for advertisement, gift bag, grocery store, surpermarket shopping, sales promotion and so on.
8). Color reference: CMYK/PMS/full color
Item no. XHWK001
Size: 30cmW*45cmH
Material non woven
Weight: 80gsm
Piping: No piping, inside sew
Handle: Non woven
Print: Silkscreen
Others: Punched plastic handle
Label: As customized sew or not sew "made in china" label
Packing: 100pcs per carton; 1 opp bag for one carton or customerized

OEM order are acceptable
1)Strong quality control system
2) Competitive price
3) High quality goods
4) Fast reply within 24hours
4) Timely delivery

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