PP Nonwoven Geotextile Sand Bag Slop Protection

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Product Description:

1, Brief Introduction of PP Geo Textile  Bag 


  • Eco bag material is a kind of non woven geotechnical fabric, It is made of polypropylene (PP) or polyester fiber (PET) is made of raw materials or single-sided double-sided ironing needling non-woven fabrics processed bag. Eco bag against UV thickness, unit quality, physical and mechanical properties, appearance, fiber type, loading mode, orientation, geometry and permeability and satisfy the plant growth indices such as equivalent aperture on the strict screening, with anti UV, corrosion resistance is strong, resistant to microbial decomposition, anti ageing, easy plant growth, adapt to the characteristics of environment, material degradation, not good stability, non-toxic, non combustion, the breach does not extend. Mainly used in the construction of flexible ecological slope. Eco bag greening protection of side slope, is the barren, mining rehabilitation, highway slope green, river bank revetment construction method, one of the important river regulation.       

  •     Eco bag has excellent physical and chemical properties, the preparation of special material erosion can resist ultraviolet radiation, not affected by chemicals in soil or decaying, not a qualitative change, erosion, permanent non degradable and can resist pest aging resistant, non-toxic, acid and alkali and salt corrosion and microbial decomposition, only the permeable and impermeable soil, to plant friendly and vegetation greening



2,Technical data sheet 


ItemUnit Weight g/m2
Tensile Strength  KN/m≥4.5
Elongation at break  %≥40
MaterialPP or PET
CBR Mullen Burst Strength KN≥0.8≥1.1≥1.4≥1.8
Tearing Strength KN≥0.14≥0.17≥0.21≥0.28


3. Features


Moisture resistance        


        Eco bag raw material does not absorb moisture, water appears not to destroy the bag, the bag can not be deformed, insoluble in liquid pollution
Resistance to chemical corrosion (PH)
        Acid and alkali chemicals to a certain concentration of extensive research tests showed that the eco bags have strong resistance, can be used for the vast majority of solid and serious pollution sites
Anti biodegradation and animal damage
        Eco bag using a special formula of material, does not support, does not absorb, not to help the fungus growth, not rot, not moldy, metamorphism. Eco bags are not insects and related animal digestion, will not become a tooth gnawing animal (mouse), termites, beetles, moths, whitebait, moths and other food.
UV resistant polymer
        Eco bag can withstand 150 degrees Celsius without melting, can afford the minimum temperature of -40 degrees celsius.
Anti ultraviolet (UV)

    Eco bag containing carbon ink and other anti UV component.




 Ecological restoration

1) On both sides of the river: Natural bank with the environment of human and wildlife coexistence

2) Green mine recovery: Comprehensive utilization of mine gangue, scientific renovation subsidence area, greening of barren hills, purifying water, create the mine ecological restoration, barren hills and green complex in New Era

3) The lake shore, the sea surface landslide, culvert hole, a drainage ditch, soil erosion, irrigation system;

4) Artificial wetland: Ecological restoration;

5) Roof greening;

   Infrastructure construction


1) Road slope protection: Railway, highway slope protection, suitable for cut slope and fill slope;

2) Lake revetment: Applicable to the river, lake, reservoir slope.;

3) Special application: Military facilities and emergency flood control, flood control dams bunker, etc.;

   Landscaping and residential garden


1) Vertical greening, landscape art;

2) Commercial and residential district;

3) Roof garden green




Packed in roll or as the customer's requirements;


6. Pictures

 PP Nonwoven Geotextile Sand Bag Slop Protection

PP Nonwoven Geotextile Sand Bag Slop Protection



We have organized several common questions for our clients,may help you sincerely:

1>How about your company?

A manufacturer & supplier focuses on the production of geo textile and geo bag etc. We have exported this product to Amereica, Europe and South East Asia. Customized product is also available based on your detailed requirements.

2> What's the MOQ ?

We kindly recommend 1x40'HQ as the price would be economical based on large loading quantity.

3>How long can we receive the product after purchase?

It takes about 1 to 2 weeks to finish the production based on the specific production schedual. Then it will depend on the shipping time from loading port to the destination port.


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Q:What is a polyester filament geotextile? Polyester filament geotextile
In addition to a good mechanical energy, but also has a good vertical and horizontal drainage and good extension of energy and high resistance to biological, acid and alkali, anti-aging and other chemical stability. At the same time, also has a wide range of pore size, tortuous pore distribution, excellent permeability and filtration can be polyester filament geotextile purposes: water conservancy project dam and slope protection filter, channel isolation, seepage; Airport runway foundation isolation, filter, drainage, soil slope, retaining wall and road reinforcement, drainage; port engineering soft foundation treatment, beach embankment, harbor wharf and breakwater reinforcement, drainage; polyester filament geotextile Has been widely used in the field of infrastructure construction, and gradually applied to a wider range of areas. Polyester filament geotextile technical parameter table (GBT-1998): No. Remarks 1 unit area mass deviation% -6-6-6-5-5-5-5-5-4-4-42 thickness, mm ≥ 553 Width deviation% -054 breaking strength KNM ≥ vertical and horizontal 5 elongation at break% 40-806CBR breaking strength KN ≥ 707 equivalent aperture 090, mm007-02
Q:What are the experiments required for earthwork dam geotextiles
The first thing to do is the "unit area quality" and "thickness", followed by "breaking strength", breaking elongation "," CBR broken strength ", and tear strength. Huazhi geotextile for your answer
Q:Do you want to put the geotextile and the impounded vegetables in the soil?
No, I am specializing in the production of geotextile materials
Q:Geotextile back to the pebble and geotextile bag what inspection batch
I professional production geomembrane geotextile and other materials, wish smooth
Q:what do you mean nonwoven geotextiles ???
please refer the folowing url to know all the details about non woven geo textiles
Q:How much is the geotextile machine?
Cheaper point of the 4500 better 8,000 more
Q:Neighborhoods: anti-seepage composite geotextile testing need to follow which test specifications, and routine testing items.
(G / sq.m), film thickness (mm), mass per unit area deviation (%), breaking strength (KN / m), the product quality (GB / T-1998) (KN), the equivalent pore diameter O55 (mm), the vertical permeability coefficient (cm / s), the hydrostatic pressure (Mpa), the tearing strength (KN), the CBR breaking strength (KN) The And the front two said the basic almost, but hope that a detailed description can make you more clearly point.
Q:Concrete platform above the geotextile wet water conservation is too dry this time to watering it
You say this is the road maintenance geotextile, is a one-time use, and its main role is to prevent the concrete quick-drying and the formation of cracks, the correct approach is that the concrete surface completely hardened before, to keep the geotextile moist, dry.
Q:The secondary lining of the tunnel to install the vertical ring to the blind pipe hanging geotextile waterproof board
See the progress of the project
Q:Fish pond geotextile use method
HDPE geomembrane can be used to do impermeable, I professional production

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