Coated AR Glassfibre Mesh

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Specification of Coated Alkali resistant Fiberglass Mesh Cloth has passed ISO9001:2000 CE ITB Certificate.It's ideal construction material.

Coated Alkali-resistant Fiberglass Mesh Cloth has passed ISO9001:2000 Certificate. J&F provides the best mesh in lowest price

Fiberglass Mesh is woven by fiberglass yarn, then alkaline-resistent latex coated. It owns great alkaline-resistent and high strength. As a perfect engineering material in construction, it is widely used to reinforce cement, stone, wall materials, roofing, gypsum and so on.

Fiberglass Mesh Specification:

Mesh Size



Length per Roll










All Colors







Specifications can be made as per customers requirements.

High Quality

(1)    Coating glue: our coating glue is produced by Germany BASF which can keep more than 70% after days NaoH test.

(2)    The fiberglass yarn is manufactured by ourselves. We have 60 Platinum Crutinum to produce glass fiber, it owns 20% more strength and beautiful surface than normal fiberglass yarn.


Each Fiberglass Mesh Roll is put into PVC bag or Shrink Bag, and then put into Carton or Pallet.


T/T 30% in advance, T/T 70% after loading goods on board.

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Q:Rubbert cement thinner? lists 4 oz of Bestine thinner for $2.97 how much do you need? Rubber cement contains heptane and isopropanol. If you ask at the home products store what would thin it, you might find something, but I would just order the Bestine thinner if I were you
Q:can I make rubber cement at home?
A rubber cement is a mixture of an adhesive and a solvent. The solvent evaporates and leaves behind the adhesive. The most common solvents are n-hexane and n-heptane. You may be able to find the solvents at a larger paint store, especially one that deals with commercial products as opposed to normal consumer products.
Q:Fence repair - replace cement or re-bury old cement?
Plywood will rot. Build a form out of 2 X 4's or 2 X 6's around the whole thing and then put an inch cap over the whole thing. Then this in turn will fill the hole and you will have a nice flat surface. If you want to patch it you have to take the old concrete out that is lose all the way to the subgrade then pour a patch but doing this you will still allow a small seam to allow moistuire to get in if it freezes it will pop it up. So the best thing to do is to add a lip of one inch above the whole thing. You will also have to break lose any loose concret e and remove before doing the whole lip. Also put a broom finish on top and this will allow moisture to run off of the concrete.
Q:I have a cement back yard but I want a garden. any suggestions ?
Large planter pots. Put them on bricks and hose off occasionally underneath. (It's the chemical fertilzers that corrode the cement over time.)
Q:Swelling after cement filling?
There is no such thing as a cement filling. Swelling is not abnormal but not a regular event. It can be swelling form the injection or an infected tooth. If his entire cheek is swollen it is likely caused by the injection and should be ok. An infection would be a smaller bubble directly next to the tooth on the gums.
Q:Why is that Cement cracks if you don't put lines in a certain distance?
concrete will crack even when you joint it or cut it...its just that if you joint it correctly the cracks will take place in the joint and be less visable...concrete is just cement with stone aggregate added for economy...
Q:looking for way to inlay small stones or pea gravel into new cement walk way?
If you haven't poured it yet this is probably the easiest way to finish concrete far a diy. Order a pea gravel mix from the ready mix plant Pour it in the usual manner.Edge it crease it trowel it.Then get a sprayer and put about a half bag of sugar in it fill it the rest of the way with water.Spray the entire area heavily.Waituntil youy can walk on it without making a foot printand hose it off.They also sell retarder if you dont trust the sugar water thing I use sugar water because its cheaper.Wait a couple days and seal it with pebblesheen.IT will look awesome after you seal it good luck.
Q:what are the properties of cement and water?
cement consist of Oxides and water forms hydrates of these oxides
Q:How thick should cement be for a driveway?
Cold weather Michigan 4000psi at 5 inches thick
Q:How strong is rubber cement glue?
Rubber cement is good in some cases for paper because it doesn't cause water damage to the paper (curling, wrinkling, shriveling, etc.) However, it really doesn't create a strong bond with paper, and can peel off with little trouble. It is not archival approved, and will cause damage to paper over time. I wouldn't use it for anything I wanted to keep.

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