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SB insulation board is what material
The board has the characteristics of light weight, insulation, noise, fire and moisture, Hangzhou Zhen, energy saving and other characteristics, construction applications, a large area combination molding, easy installation, construction speed, lower cost.
Computer room to the solenoid too close to how to prevent interference
Or in the computer room wall to install a layer of special anti-magnetic material is also OK.
How many pieces of barbed wire are there?
If you usually do not answer! I also know to find a blasting clamp on the line
500 mesh stainless steel mesh how welding method
Screen is different from the general mesh product, that is, it has a strict mesh size, rather than "mesh" said.
Is the cable wrapped in the electrical insulation layer and the insulation layer is not the same layer?
No, the insulation layer is not on the outside, there are insulators
Cable TV line is the middle of the copper core, aluminum paper is wrapped outside the copper mesh it?
The early years were copper, and now changed. Power plug chip, early copper, and now is iron.
How to prevent the frequency of magnetic field? What material can protect 110KV high voltage electromagnetic radiation? Barbed wire or copper mesh is anti-high frequency or anti-low frequency?
Steel mesh as far as possible in the side of the wire but to maintain a sufficient safe distance with the wire. But remember. Steel wire mesh must be reliable ground to be effective.
Shielded twisted pair how to play a shielding effect?
STP refers to each line has its own shielded shielded twisted pair, and FTP is the use of the overall shielded shielded twisted pair It should be noted that the shield is only in the entire cable are shielded devices, and both ends of the ground Circumstances only work.