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Product Description:

  • Aluminium Folding door Materials:

Product description of aluminium doors and windows designs

Product details
Aluminium ProfilesAluminium AlloyALU Wall ThicknessSurface Finishing and Color
6063-T51.2mm--2.0mm, Normally 1.4mm for window, 2.0mm for doorAnodized, Sliver & Bronze
Powder Coating,  colore should be confirm with buyer
Electrophoresis, Sliver& Champagne
With thermal break aluminium system design for more energy saving function
Glass TypeThicknessColor
Float glassSingle: 4mm -12mm,    Double Glazing (With 6A/9A/12A/27A space) clear/super clear/ tinted blue/green/coffee brown/grey
Insulated double glass
Insulated triple glass
Reflective glass
Low-E glass
Tempered glass
Laminated glass
Customized art glass
HardwareHigh quality, made in China of well-know brand (Kinlong )/ made in Germany (Siegenia /Roto )
AccessoriesUse EPDM  sealant rubber  
Stainless steel 304# accessories.                                          
Production standardBasis on the shop drawings which approved by the buyer

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Q:If the door did not press the lock, that open the door is locked
In general, the door is not locked on the lock, the car will obey the order, but immediately unlock the door again. This is the car's self-protection, the configuration with FAW's old models have Wei. Even if it has been locked, if not open the door handle off the door, in the closed door or the lock will open the lock. So it should still be locked (this sentence on the old car and early mechanical door lock car, good point of the car or will be locked). The damage to the door is certainly yes, but very small, and the normal door to close the door almost loss, and some car or lock the hook hook design reasons will make the loss slightly larger, but not the whole ten times to operate The bar The The But it is better to come back, or follow the standard action. (PS: the landlord can not provide your car, I am here to see if there is no car repair car to give you a detailed description)
Q:Garage door remote control lock how manual off
Must be remote control to close, hand pull the wire just put down the door can not be locked, a pull will be able to open.
Q:Aluminum package wooden doors and windows of the price and installation process?
At present, the more mature aluminum clad wooden doors and windows production manufacturers are generally in the door 2500 - 3800 (open and fixed) per square meter window 1500 - 3000 (open and fixed) per square meter, the specific price but also according to customer requirements And drawings to calculate the expected, and other quotations should be included in the transport installation hardware screens, if there are individual manufacturers or agents did not say it is possible to make an article in this regard, consumers should be careful slightly. Our factory has encountered some unscrupulous agents holding our window out when the product to sell, from which to earn the difference of up to 3,000 yuan, due to the design of the window and the actual size does not match the installation of leakage leakage caused by leakage and many other issues, but also Hope the vast number of consumers recognize the manufacturers, must be optimistic about the quality of documents, it is best to have time to plant site visits to avoid unnecessary expenses. If you are in Beijing I recommend you to Fu Site doors and windows, Fusite doors and windows do the terminal home improvement and zero product market, there are two kinds of factory direct sales and sales agents, the product to the north market-oriented promotion, affordable In the 1800 yuan to 2,800 yuan per square meter or so.
Q:Metal doors and windows do not include steel doors and windows
Material from the outside should not be included in the view, steel doors is mainly composed of two parts, a first part of the plastic see see, generally made of pvc-u, invisible for the inner profile of the steel liner, a metal, steel doors is named together with plastic and steel combination.
Q:How to choose the door closers
Select the door closers should consider the factors are: the weight of the door, the width of the door, the door frequency and the use of requirements and the use of the environment. The weight of the door and the width of the door is the most important factor in choosing the door closer model, common doors are fire doors, wooden doors, aluminum doors, glass doors, steel doors and so on. Usually the weight of the door is small, select the smaller model, and vice versa.
Q:Marriage room with a good wooden door?
Well ,,, wood door environmental protection, sound insulation effect is good, durable Hong Chang wooden doors, professional original wooden door manufacturers
Q:What is the control system of electric curtain motor
Stepper motor, because of taking into account the placement, but if the request is not high, the use of ordinary DC or AC motor can meet the requirements.
Q:What is the working principle of electric curtain
The curtain and the mechanical device is fixed together by a motor to drive a mechanical device for curtains along the track and the movement, or by a mechanical device to control the motor reversing to rotate the shutters.
Q:How about aluminum alloy wardrobe?
Profile design advantages: suitable for a variety of different thickness of the wall. Aluminum alloy profile never deformed, structural science, impact resistance, high stability, never rust, never fade skin. Quick and easy installation, profile model is simple. Door and window hardware accessories easy to replace flexible, easy to install, easy to disassemble.
Q:Friends of the ABC code password input a mistake in the securities account bank card transfer and enter the wrong two times, will not be locked
1, if the bank to the securities, then the wrong three times will be locked, to the bank to unlock or unlock the next day or less; 2, if the securities to the bank, regardless of the wrong times will not lock 3, what is the specific situation , You can call directly to your securities company account manager, let him go to the system to check clearly.

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