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Product Description:

  • Aluminium Folding door and windows Materials:


    Color:wood color or white, black, grey
    Profile surface:powder coated
    Profile wall thickness:2.0mm (close to 4 mm for top track)
    Glass type:double glazed 5mm+9A+5mm tempered glass
    Glass certificate:AS2208
    Hardware:Kinlong Brand
    Opening:folding to inside or outside
    Size:According to your specific project

  • finiture

    6pcs Rattan Chair+1pc Rattan Rectangle Table

    Product Size:



    Material  Detail:

    Rattan:PE flat rattan 7*1.3mm

    Curshion:waterproof, 5cm thichness for the curshion

    Fabric washable

    Table  with 8MM tempered  glass.

    Table can be knocked  down.


    Curshion color:Ivory fabric only.

    Rattan color:mix brown  and black.

    Agile Cubic code

    Rattan color


    mix  brown



    Packing Detail:

    Packed by carton.1pc table/CTN.2pcs chair/CTN.totally: 4ctns

    Table packing size:153*103*19cm

    Chair packing size:63*77*134cm

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Force shutdown When you press and hold the power button and the sound + key to select the clear data
Q:Aluminum doors and windows have unpleasant smell, how to do?
I'm working on aluminum! Aluminum itself is no taste! Is not the sun when the smell is better! If there is a taste of the accessories should be a problem! Especially the rubber of the glass! These plastic products will inevitably be some smell! You should pay attention to ventilation! Over time will be good!
Q:How does the door closer work?
The door closer is a similar spring-like hydraulic pressure, when the door is opened after the release by compression, the door automatically shut, like the role of the spring door, you can ensure that the door is opened, accurate and timely closure to the initial position The
Q:I need a price on a window 29x46 plastic frame slider window?
here's a true post. Amount: $3,295.00 Vinyl Replacement Windows Posted by: Jeremy in Granger, IN in Granger, IN. Purchased: March, 2009 Numbre of Windows: 10 Number Lineal Inches: 100 Brand: Vista Window Type: Double Hung Installer: Clear Choice USA of South Bend We had BEE Window quote us $14,000! Champion's quote was 8,400.00! We found Clear Choice and was amazed at the high quality for the great price of $3295.00!!! The salesman spent time making sure we understood the window as well as the entire installation process. The installers were great also, and fast. Everything went perfect. I would recommend Clear Choice over any other window company. They are located all over the U.S. I hope this helps
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Q:Roof sag above windows. ?
This sort of thing whilst adding character is not very desirable,60 years is a long time,it may just be warping and settling and go no further.If you have worries,then you could jack it up and insert an RSJ or girder section,you can pick up scrap offcut lengths very cheap now,especially if you know anyone who works at a stockists yard.
Q:what is the best automatic garage door opener?
I do not think any one brand is the best, although Genie does make a good machine, so do other companies. So rather than talk about brands I think it is much better to talk about features. A direct drive, screw type is the best. The reason why is because it has the fewest mechanical pieces inside. If you have few pieces and fewer things that move, obviously there are fewer things to wear out or go bad. Secondly is size. If you have a one car garage a 1/2 hp opener is plenty big. If you have a 2 car garage and only one garage door you will need a 3/4 hp machine. Thirdly is options. A wireless, keyless touch pad is handy and easy to install. You want two car transmitters. Other nice features are remote lights on only and a vacation lock to turn your system off if you are going to be gone for a long time. Thieves are very smart and given enough time and the right equipment they can open the garage door as easily as you can. By turning the garage door opener off lock position it becomes impossible for them to open it no matter how many electronic devices they have.
Q:Aluminum package wooden doors and windows of the price and installation process?
At present, the more mature aluminum clad wooden doors and windows production manufacturers are generally in the door 2500 - 3800 (open and fixed) per square meter window 1500 - 3000 (open and fixed) per square meter, the specific price but also according to customer requirements And drawings to calculate the expected, and other quotations should be included in the transport installation hardware screens, if there are individual manufacturers or agents did not say it is possible to make an article in this regard, consumers should be careful slightly. Our factory has encountered some unscrupulous agents holding our window out when the product to sell, from which to earn the difference of up to 3,000 yuan, due to the design of the window and the actual size does not match the installation of leakage leakage caused by leakage and many other issues, but also Hope the vast number of consumers recognize the manufacturers, must be optimistic about the quality of documents, it is best to have time to plant site visits to avoid unnecessary expenses. If you are in Beijing I recommend you to Fu Site doors and windows, Fusite doors and windows do the terminal home improvement and zero product market, there are two kinds of factory direct sales and sales agents, the product to the north market-oriented promotion, affordable In the 1800 yuan to 2,800 yuan per square meter or so.
Q:How to disassemble the figure
Whether the cylinder is a round or a general ball lock. If the ball lock is simple, and slowly turn the ball, when you see the ball near the end of the trails at the two holes aligned with the lock parts within the hole through the hole pressure inside the punch, press down after pulling the ball , Spin off the rear cover, through the door from the inside into the lock body, and then put the cover sheet,

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