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if you could dream of one new unique feature you would want on your car what would it be?
a suspension system that would change from a nice jacked up cushy off road stance to a low slung high performance road handling stance. and electronics over the top electronics oh with drones that fly above with cameras that feed a heads up display so i will be able to drive with telepathic like abilities.
Or will many of them simply retrain so they can fix electric cars?(I would suppose some of them might but electric cars are a whole different ball of wax, if you know what I mean. They are extremely different than the internal combustion engine that currently powers cars. But I would imagine some things might not change too much. Maybe the brakes and tires might not change much. Maybe the transmission might not drastically change. Who knows.)
did you replace the copper compression gaskets between the head and the header? That is where the noise is coming from. Most people don't replace them because they don't fall out and then when you put new stuff on the gaskets have a memory from the previous tightening and won't seal.
the engine and the suspension system has had problems on the car???If so,what kind do you really think??HELP ME, PLEASE
I am not a rocket scientist but I think it means the suspension system and engine has been serviced previously.
Will a suspension lift, bigger tires and wheels, and a catback exhaust system void my power train warranty?
Lotus is right except for the fact that it will cost you the price of a new jeep to have them install it The Suspension lift is what will void their warranty . A body lift will not If you intend to keep this jeep then think hard about what you want to do . loosing the factory warranty is risky at best and even if the lift is done correctly does not mean that things won't go wrong with it . You see it all depends on how much you want to be responsible for . Is it your jeep or not ? Good Luck
I just bought a 2001 Eclipse GS there was already new headers and exhaust. Now i want to put some more into it and need advice on what to get. Can any one help please?!?
hey why dont you go put a nice turbo kit on it and go race some civics how bout that?
I have a 1998 Dodge Dakota slt Ex. Cab. i would like to put air ride on it. how much does this cost?? or give me a really close estimate of how much it will cost??
I've been looking into it also and a decent cycle for cheap and isn't too powerful would be the Suzuki s40 its a 650 but its lightweight enough to be a good learner
Heelys type???
Well I bought my sons the torch version it seems very good with the grind plate and all but the double wheeled ones are pointed to littler ones for better balance. The reflex shoes I have heard bad things like suspension cracking ect. I would go with torch because of the grind plates and the price
I have a 1993 Chevy 2500 4 wheel drive 3/4 ton truck, Im wanting to upgrade the suspension system. Im keeping it the height it is right now though, I dont want to lift it or lower it. The tires I put on it are 2 sizes bigger than the stock ones, so it lifted my truck enough right there. My trucks suspension though is pretty rough, I mean if I hit a pebble, I‘ll know. I really like how the new trucks ride, like Cadillacs, thats how I want my truck to ride. Id like to keep it without an air ride system, though I have heard that is the best way to upgrade my suspension. Anyone who can help me I would appreciate it. Also any websites or books that would help educate me on how to upgrade a suspension system for a truck, that would help out too. Again I dont want to lift or lower my truck, thanks again.
The 4wd like the HD version have a hard suspension as it has to be designed to take the beating of off road stuff which is an assumed use. Therefore you feel evey bump, hole, crack whatever in the road. What you can try and find is a dual rate suspension which has a soft start and stiffens under load or when hitting a big pot hole. Also replace the stock shocks with better ones and maybe even adjustable ones so that for around town the softer setting soaks up the bumps more and harder for off roading or load handling.