E-bike Motor 250w 24v with Factory Outlet High Quality

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We are professional do e-bike kits business for many years for the customers all over the world, and have met so many troubles, with these troubles, we have much experience on e-bike kits today.


Our e-bike kits are easy to install and allow you to convert your standard bicycle into an fun and eco-friendly e-bike. Since every model is different and components will vary, it's your responsibility to determine the best way to install an electric bike kit on your bike. Although most of the steps are similar from install to install, we have instructions can help the customers to convert their bicycle.

We have build the Europe after-sale service center in Europe to repair the parts including motor, batteries, controller etc, also for the whole ebikes repairing. As one of the pioneer seller for ebikes in china, BTN aims to master clean energy technique, and develop energy-saving and environmental-friendly ebikes.


E-bike Motor 250w 24v with Factory Outlet High Quality

E-bike Motor 250w 24v with Factory Outlet High Quality



Product Advantages and Traits

1  long life and maintenance-free
2  Small and mini, less weight
2 excellent start performance and high efficiency
3  More economical
4 Adopt Norm Planetary deceleration system,oil-impregnated gear and special modification nylon gear to increase resistance to wear of the gear.
5  Modified nylon gear can withstand worse temperature to ensure with the gear can 

work normally in any temperature environment,
6 High efficiency and wide platform, quick starting and strong capability for uphill.
7 Popular in European and American market.




1.24V/36V/48V 250W/350W/500W/750W/1000W Electric Bicycle Hub Motor/ 3 wheel electric bicycle
2.Apply for 22"/24"/26"/28" rim

Rated Power(W):


Rated Voltage(V)36
Max Speed(rpm):285
Rated Efficiency (%)≥78%
Reduction Ratio: 1:4.35
Over Lock Dimension(mm):100
Spoke Specification: 12G/13G
Cable location:Shaft center,right  
Hall sensor: Optional
Integrate speed sensor: Optional
Limitied Current(A)0.7
Brake type: V/Dics brake
Surface: Silver/Sliver painted/Black/Black painted
Salt fog test(h): 24/96
Water proof Grade: IP54
Certification: ROHS EN15194



1.Which country do you mainly export to?

A: Our products are very popular in Mid East, India, South East Asia, Latin America, Africa.


2.What's the advantages of your company?

1. Size,RPM,Torque and Over Lock Dimension can be customized
2. High performance in water proof
3. 2 years warranty except destructible test and artifically damage

4. Cpmpetitive Price

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Q:Motor clicks motor does not turn where bad?
If you can turn, the general motor body is good. Maybe there's something wrong with the drive...I can only give you advice. There are many kinds of motors. The control circuit is also different. Hope to help you.
Q:What are the requirements for motor vehicle controller and motor matching?
Hello.- * 1, main function of electric vehicle controller: 1, adjust the motor speed; the electric vehicle brake (brake protection, disconnect the motor power supply); the power supply voltage detection and protection (i.e., power display, and the voltage is lower than the rated value of 0.9 times when the power, in charge).
Q:What about the motor lock of the electric car?
Then force it up or down, then try to move the wheel until you know you can run. But note that it's better not to rub,
Q:Motor slipping of electric vehicle
If I'm not mistaken, should be the controller, I used to have a similar problem, it was not long before the controller in the car ran well when suddenly a loud thump, always broken floor main attention ah!!!
Q:Can electric motors be refitted to speed up?
The frequency of the three-phase AC inverter is supplied by an oscillating source produced by the RC component (or quartz oscillator) of the oscillating circuit, and then amplified to output to the motor.
Q:How to check the controller and motor of electric vehicle?
When the brushless controller of the two wheeled electric vehicle is powered on, the input and output voltage of each lead is detected. The two is a thick line power line 48V, three RGB thick line is the main line voltage to the motor is 48V
Q:How to test the quality of electric bicycle motor?
Motor vehicles are judged to be good or bad motor insulation degree, whether insulation grounding.
Q:Electric motor generally how much?
China Electric Vehicle Association answers your question: there are many kinds of motors, ````36V motor prices: 200-300 48V
Q:What is controller of electric car, how to choose when buying?
Optional configuration: the four major components of electric vehicle are: motor, battery, controller, charger.1, in the drive way, should consider synthetically, choose the small loss, low energy consumption, high efficiency of the way; the motor is divided into three kinds: high speed brush motor, brush low-speed motor, brushless motor. High speed motor, high efficiency, large power, good climbing ability, suitable for long distance travel. Brush speed motor of low efficiency, large power consumption, mileage is shorter, the motor is suitable for flat pavement, the rider is light, riding climbing can help consumers. The brushless motor needs current commutation, the controller is easy to burn, and the reliability is transferred from the motor to the controller. High speed is nearly twice the price of low speed motor.2, battery according to voltage is divided into: 36V, 48V, 64V, etc., according to the capacity is divided into: 10Ah, 12Ah, 14Ah, 20Ah, etc., according to the type is divided into: lead-acid, nickel hydrogen, lithium batteries. Battery is a combination of voltage and capacity, some cars with 36V12Ah, some cars with 48V12Ah or 20Ah, and some cars with 64v20Ah, between them in capacity, mileage, price is very different. Buy electric bicycles must be clear: as a means of commuting, do not ask too high.
Q:Electric car brushless motor Holzer sensor, Holzer and Holzer without what is the difference?
Effect:L has a Holzer type motor and controller that is stable during use and has great torque at startup.L no Holzer type motor and controller in use, due to technical problems, it is not very stable, especially in the initial stage, the stability is poor, the power is not enough.In electric bicycles, Holzer sensors are used in many places, such as speed switches, brakes, brakes, and brushless motors,Speed regulating switch for electric vehicle:Speed control turn, as the name suggests, is the speed control components of electric vehicles, this is a linear speed components, a lot of styles, but the principle of work is the same. It is generally located on the right side of the electric vehicle, riding the right hand when the direction of the rotation of the electric car rotating angle range of 0 - 30 degrees between.

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