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This series of tyre are with good directional stability, driving power, brake force and anti-abrasion performance, long life, good buffer performance and operating stability.

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Q:kumho road venture at tires for 02 cadilliac escalade?
Instead of guessing get it checked out by a BMW mechanic. As already mentioned it will be expensive to look at and repair.
Q:Need opinion on tires?
self explanatory. four wheels being driven at same time distributing power to each wheel. in 2 wheel mode will deselect ( unless continuos drive) and allow just two wheels to be driven. normally rear but can be just front two. standard two wheel drive is very common for most cars and simply has engine driving front or rear pair of wheels only.
Q:difference between dirt bmx tires?
The tread pattern. A street tire will be more slick. Dirt tires will be more studded. Not as much as a MTB tire, though. Look a the Maxxis Holly Roller. Those are for both. The squares give traction in dirt, but they are large and flat so you still have a good contact patch in the street.
Q:Do you have more tires for car tires?
Suitable tire specifications. In principle, the new tire specifications should be consistent with the specifications of the original car, requiring the replacement of the tire must be equal to or higher than the original car on the tire speed and maximum load capacity. If you need to change the tire size, you must go to a professional modified shop for tire upgrades or consult the vehicle manufacturer. In addition to manufacturing numbers / manufacturing marks, there are often tires on the sidewall that are suitable for season markers such as WINTER, M + S or AQUATIC, ALL SEASON or ALL WEATHER. These words indicate winter tires, tires and tires , Different regions of the user according to the local climate conditions for their own tires.
Q:Why are the Nascar tires slanted?
The tires are slanted because of something called camber. This is where the tire touches the track, or how much of the tire is touching the track at any given point. On the straightaways, the tire is only touching the track with the inside portion, but in the corners, the whole surface is touching the track. I've never heard of them putting tape on the tires, unless you are referring to stickers, which just means they are brand new tires, they've never seen track conditions, and the pit crew just put them on the car.
Q:Tires For Aircraft Descriptions?
Most airplane tires are not rated for mud snow.
Q:What is the right tire pressure for replacement tires on my car?
Looks can be miss leading.It may look low but use the recommended pressure that is stated on the tire.Also make sure your air Gage is not faulty,try another gage.
Q:Tire balancing and tire alignment question?
An out of balance tire gives you less steering control and stability. It also increases your stopping distance and wears out your shocks/struts faster. A car that's out of alignment can wear your tires out faster and cut your gas mileage. The safety question is an easy one to answer. But the other question, whether you will save more in the long run is a little harder to compute. Rick I'm a retired ASE Master/L-1 Technician. I still keep current with the latest automotive technology. Visit my blog for cool articles and TSB's: free-auto-repair-advice.blogspot
Q:Tyre pressure help?no manual?
Kelly, tire pressures are not "by the book" in real life. the numbers stamped on the sidewall of your tire are most often max readings to safely use in them. These numbers are determined by a specific weight of vehicle carrying a specific weight. as an example a pick up truck may have a tire stamped with 55 lbs cold@ 36000 lbs. This means when the truck is parked and checked in the morning it should have no more than 55 lbs with a load in the bed of 3600 lbs. Generally a 5 pound less number works well. 55 lbs at 50 cold. A tire run too low in air will become much hotter when rolling down the road. this is often the reason a tire blows out. The rubber compound gets too hot and ruptures more easily. a well inflated tire mat resist a blow out when it hits a sharp rock in the road and a nearly flat tire will burst from it. But is this all? NO Tires are only the same shape and that's nearly it! A tire size can be found in a model for very light cars, medium weight cars and light trucks. The weight of the car is important to the working of the tire. A lot of weight on a kids bike either blows the tire or flattens it to the rim and breaks the bead. the opposite can occur. to little weight on a tire meant for weight and the side walls don't curl and flex enough. the riders feels every piece of a rough road as does the suspension as it begins to wear out. The federal government sets rules for tire makers because your life depends on the tire being right.
Q:Where do tire repair shops purchase their used tires? Would like to purchase a large amount of used tires.?
We don't purchase used tires. They are taken off vehicles that come in for tire replacement. Your looking at a very tough business plan if all you are going to do is throw on low cost (and low margin) used tires combined with a big liability problem.

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