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This series of tyre are with good directional stability, driving power, brake force and anti-abrasion performance, long life, good buffer performance and operating stability.

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Q:What does car tire t mean?
Speed level
Q:auto tires?
they are marked on the side of the tire
Q:How to change the car tires.
Cross-swap, ah, the balance of the wheels to do one by one is to put the lead block 4 round positioning to Auto Parts City 80 or so 200 enough patience too clearly the tire Do not old you may not be able to use
Q:I need to replace the tires on my 97 Porsche 911 C4S; What tire would you recommend?
I personally lean toward the tires with the N0, N1, N2, N3 ratings because these tire were designed with the help of Porsche in that they react in a positive manner with the suspension. I know there are newer designed tires out there, but I don't worry about the reactions with my "N" tires at 180mph either. At that speed I worry about the ditch at the side of the road ;)
Q:Why are car tires always black?
Car tires are not always black... think back to first to white wall tires, and then not so long ago there was a trend with tires aimed at import cars where colored bands were put along the tread (usually in yellow or red). The basic compounds used for tires result in a natural color that is "black." Much like cooper piping tends to be cooper colored. Using other elements that would better take color would not be optimal for the tread at the very least. While still possible, this would ultimately mean compromising many elements of the tires capabilities while at the same time increasing it's cost. I would imagine that tire companies have done market research to determine if people would be interested in paying more for a lesser tire, in the color they might prefer... and that current offerings reflect those results!
Q:Where is the car tire gas?
No liner tire gas is hit between the tire and the hub of the confined space, and now no liner tire is tire pressure tire and tire tightly combined, but this tire must pay attention to tire pressure, generally Is measured with a tire pressure gauge.
Q:Tires For Aircraft Descriptions?
Airliner tires are not radials, they are bias ply tires - Tubeless tires are used for airliners - Inflated with nitrogen - main tires of a 747 are set at 150 psi pressure - They could handle up to 225 mph takeoff/landing speeds - The 747 type that I used to fly last had 34 ply-rating tires - Average 747 lands about 120-150 times before main tires are to be replaced - Tires are generally re-threaded, up to 6 to 10 times - They are "better" than "new tires", which were never used previously - In case tires get too hot, melting plugs are used in rims to deflate the tires - This is to prevent them from exploding - There are brake temperature gauges in the 747 in case wheels overheat - In that case, we leave the gear down 1 or 2 minutes after takeoff (cooling) - .
Q:What are the common problems with car tires?
Know the tire wear mark "△" pattern depth generally can not be less than 1.6mm At present, many owners do not know the extent of the tire tread to replace the tire, but do not know the importance of pattern on traffic safety. Research shows that the tread pattern is too shallow, in addition to poor drainage, the crown of the heat can not be discharged in a timely manner, so that the tire temperature rise, emergency braking, it is easy to scratch the crown rubber and lead to puncture; shallow. Especially easy to be hard to pierce the tread, causing the accident. So, what kind of pattern should be grinding to the extent of it? Under normal circumstances, every tire on every 60 degrees in its sidewall has a small "△" symbol, a total of six small "△" (Michelin tires are small snow standard), in the small "△" symbol In front of the crown part, the pattern is engraved with the residual depth limit of the pattern. When the pattern wears to this residual depth limit, the tire should be replaced and should not be used. Experiments show that the tire tread depth of the general can not be less than 1.6mm, otherwise, both the tire driving force or braking performance should be greatly reduced, and encountered waterway, there will be "water taxiing" phenomenon.
Q:Do you really need winter tires?
Dude, I've been driving on Yokohama avs100es tires all 12 months. On ice and every thing -15 degrees in Chicago. you will have no breaking on snow or ice with what you have on now, and you might slide sideways while turning or accelerating. you cant make it up hills on ice or heavy snow with the Eagle f1s, and also it will take some time longer to gain some forward speed. "God speed"
Q:Is the paint corrosive to car tires?
Have a certain degree of corrosion. Because the paint is oily, but the process is very slow, the most important bad, in fact, because it is oily, it will be more likely to absorb dust, will be easier to make the car dirty; A certain degree of corrosion, on the other hand, the properties of the paint will form a layer of protective film in the tire surface, thereby eliminating the oxidation of the tire.

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