Auto spare parts gas filled shock absorbers for TOYOTA corolla 48510-02360

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635800FORDCommercial  TRANSIT/(100,115),(80,120),(150S),(190,190EF)F
333912 333715OPELVECTRA  B/(2.5I-V6,EXC.SPORTSUS.)F-L
333913 333716OPELVECTRA  B/(2.5I-V6,EXC.SPORTSUS.)F-R

Our coilover with really high performance and quality.

-Large cylinder and piston Mono-Tube design to advance driving.

-32 different adjustable damping setting for softer or harder need.

-Ride Height fully adjustable.Can lower very much to meet your needs.

-53MM Monotube designs with gas (Nitrogen) and oil separated.

-Long lasting spring: SAE 9254 steel,color can be chosen.

-Robot welding, high quality and finish.

-High rigidity aluminum alloy strut and pillow ball upper mounts, 6061-T6, color can be chosen.

-High quality components: JAPAN NOK Sealing, GERMANY Fuchs Oil, JAPAN KOYO bearing, durable PURF bumper, PU bush and so on.

-One year Warranty

-Good quality package to protect proucts.

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Q:What is the kind of car suspension?
Multi-link suspension, through a variety of connecting rod configuration (usually three links, four links, five links), the first can achieve all the performance of double wishbone suspension, and then on the basis of double wishbone connecting rod Of the constraints of the tire in the upper and lower movement of the front angle can also be a corresponding change, which means that the corners of the better adaptability, if used in the front suspension of the front suspension, to a certain extent, ease the understeer, bring accurate The feeling of turning;
Q:Is the right side of the car violently impacting the big hills on the suspension
Hello, yes, it is recommended to check under
Q:What are the types of car front and rear suspension?
Front suspension are generally multi-link independent suspension, rear suspension in two ways, one is a separate suspension is a non-independent suspension
Q:Often walking hard cement broken road, the car's suspension should be how to choose?
Toyota is the use of AVS adaptive variable suspension system
Q:What is the impact of car non-suspension quality, suspension quality change, car ride comfort?
What is your weight? Is the suspension and the wheel weight, the greater the weight, the slower the suspension reaction, the performance of the vehicle paste and the worse the performance, the worse the performance! Increase the weight of the non-reed to accelerate the deceleration of the car performance, the impact of the ride on the change is not.
Q:When the car parked a bit tilted, damage to the car?
When the vehicle climbs the road, the side of the tire is rubbed against the road, causing serious injury to the side of the tire, serious internal cord breakage, and serious problems with the side of the tire.
Q:What is the car H-arm hanging?
H arm rear suspension is the new lunar car rear suspension H-arm instead of the original four-link in the lower link, which can also bear the vertical force and lateral force, the purpose is better noise reduction The
Q:Why hard axis, than the independent suspension of off-road vehicles off-road performance is better?
The so-called hard axis refers specifically to the rigid (front) bridge axle, also known as the overall bridge, the entire rear (front) bridge is a rigid overall, left and right roulette can only relative to the whole in the axle axis For the rotation movement, can not move around, equivalent to a wheel attached to the two wheels, so called "hard axis". Some people here to ask, is not what we said that the non-independent suspension? This year there are non-independent suspension of the car ah? Yes, hardcore suv is used in non-independent suspension. Because the cross-country, if the use of independent suspension, when the side of the wheel on the bomb will lead to the middle of the differential gap between the smaller, and the hard axis is not the concern. In addition, the suspension of the hard axis is generally longer than the independent suspension, when the side of the suspension is compressed, the other side of the suspension can be stretched as far as possible, which is very suitable for potholed road conditions.
Q:Is the car behind a separate suspension of space?
The new Bora rear suspension is a drag arm that is not a separate suspension that is not just a space problem setting that is needed to further reduce the cost of the PQ34 platform's non-independent suspension compared to the PQ35 platform's independent rear suspension with less sub-frame and multi- The cost is low and the drag arm is not independent of the space occupied by the suspension is also less than the multi-link after the independent suspension is more conducive to the expansion of the rear space is not extremely pursuit of sports performance do not have to tangle the rear wheel is independent of the normal use of the rear wheel Whether the independent suspension is not very different
Q:The car off into the covers, knock to sit in front suspension? Does it have any effect?
The independent suspension system because of its good wheel touch, ride comfort and manipulation of a substantial increase in stability, about two rounds of free movement, the freedom of the tire and the ground, the vehicle handling is better and so on the advantages of the current car manufacturers generally use. Common stand-alone suspension system with multi-link suspension system, McPherson suspension system, trailing arm suspension system and so on.

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