bosch flat wiper blade

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No noise, no streaking
100% Natural rubber refill fit for all the weather worldwide.
Easy to install
fit for 98% cars    


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Q:Are windshield wipers will not shut off. They will speed up or slow down, but not shut off.?
Q:PLEASE HELP! My windshield wipers came off their track?
I think you best bet is to take it to a shop. Dont take a chance with the rain x. A small repair bill is not worth risking your life as well as others you might hit because of faulty wipers.
Q:2006 TOYOTA TACOMA: How do I change the freakin windshield wipers?
If You go to like advance auto they will install them for free. Life is great.
Q:Can your windshield wipers damage the wind shield if they have ice on them?
Glass is much harder than ice, you can't scratch glass with a piece of ice. If there is a stone or sand frozen into the ice or the rubber cracks and lets the metal part of the wiper rub the glass it could scratch it though. Very unlikely you could scratch it badly enough with the wipers to actually make it crack, I've never heard of that happening.
Q:How do I align my windshield wipers?
try turning them on and off. they might reset them slefs. if not carefully pull them back into place.
Q:Windshield wipers and head lights help? Please? thank you!?
some states require if your wipers are on lights have to be on. It is hard to see someone else if it is raining without there lights on
Q:Alero -My windshield wiper and arm will move if I manually move it but not when I turn the wipers on. Why?
It could be the motor giving out or the arm could be breaking. That's why you can move it further than should be possible. Check everything just to make sure.
Q:How do I change the rear windshield wiper on my 1999 Isuzu Amigo?
sometimes you need to pull the release but ask your counter person at you local parts store they are a wiz at wiper blades
Q:windshield wiper arm no splines? (mazda 3)?
Q:Windshield wipers wont go down?
Sounds like the wiper transmission is defective. Try replacing the wiper motor and it should be ok. gl.

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