Standard cement prefabricated board load capacity is a square how many kilograms, thank you
Prefabricated floor is generally hollow board, crack is a common quality, the overall poor...
I need to cut a 4-5 hole in fiber cement shingle. any advice as to which brand and type of hole saw?
if you only need it for one hole get a cheap one, cement board is hard on any hole saw so ...
Factory roof directly painted on the cement board directly spray the white again
Most of the paint from the nitro paint, do not know what you use (Ming paint) What is the ...
Can I cut a relief in Hardibacker cement board?
You can use a rasp or a router with a carbide cutter. best done outside while waring a dus...
I am redoing a bathroom and know the code requires cement board for tile backing?
Hi Uncle Bill, No, you will be fine with standard plasterboard 12.5mm as long as it's plas...
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