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I received a job offer through Job Spider. I have done some researching and haven't been able to find anything. I am beginning to think it is a scam. I just need to know if anyone else has had similiar experiences.
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Or would you remain stoically silent?
I would have a manly guneral death cry
Wong Industries is depreciating the value of its machinery over a thirty-year life. Its original value was $1,000,000 and it is assumed to have a scrap value of $100,000. After 20 years, it is decided that the machinery still has another 20 years of life but it will then be worth nothing. Find a piecewise linear function that describes the broken-straight-line depreciation that the company is using.Please explain how you came up with your answer! Thanks
Since it originally had a lifespan of 30 years, it will lose $900,000 in 30 years, or $30,000 per year. V(t)=1,000,000 -30000t for the first 20 years. It's lost $600,000 in value and still is worth $400,000, but this will all go away after another 20 years or $20,000 per year... V(t)=400,000-20,000t for t between 20 and 40 years. I'll leave it to you to format this correctly :)
machineries for solvent extraction procedures and steam distillation procedures to extract oil from jasmine flowers
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I imported several machines some years ago from Japan,Taiwan and China. I would like to know if California sales tax is due on imported equipment.
Sure. It is called Use Tax but is the same rate as Sales Tax.
I don't know which to do. What advances better? Also i would plan on trying to get into OCS before im 34 and be an officer in one of these jobs, which one?
Winechan has zero experience or understanding of how the Coast Guard works - or the military in general. Speaking PURELY of numbers, there are many more MK's in the Coast Guard than there are SK's - so by the NUMBERS, more MK's will be advanced each year than SK's. The PERCENTAGE of people being advanced remain pretty close to the same for all ratings in the Coast Guard, so there really isn't a difference in advancement rates. Don't forget that to go to OCS, you will have to either have a four-year college degree, which is hard to get in the Coast Guard within your first couple of enlistments - OR - you'll have to be at least an E-5, with five years of Time in Service (and be on your second enlistment or later), with at least two years of college. Neither of these programs (regular OCS applications or TEMP commission OCS applications) are forgiving about age and age-related waivers, so make sure you can get the college and be able to apply at LEAST three or more times before you stand any realistic chance of being accepted. I've known folks that applied five and more times (the record I saw was EIGHT times!!) before being accepted to OCS. There is about a 10% chance of being accepted each time you apply... so it isn't easy. The FS officer (Finance and Supply) field is very small - a LOT of the officer-type functions are done by Warrant Officers. Engineering Officers (EO's) are more numerous, but they don't turn wrenches or actually work on machinery. Look at it this way: which field interests you more? Would you rather sit in a warehouse and count beans or be in oily bilges, turning wrenches? Some people LOVE one or the other, and rarely love the idea of BOTH career fields. Brian Raini
dear agricultural people please tell some horticultural and garden machinery .especially the machine used in making of landscape and flowers and fruits cultivation............................................
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I really what to know difference between power tools and ordinary tools .Is it specially design to do some special kind of work or it is of full power as the word describes ??
All tools fall into one of two categories: power tools or hand tools. Power tools run on batteries or electricity. Hand tools are just that, you have to provide the muscle to run them.