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Last night I had a scary dream that someone broke into my house and was right outside my bedroom door. In my dream I grabbed my gun out of the nightstand. I had no problem getting the clip in, but when I tried to pull back on it to load a round into the chamber I had a very difficult time and I had to press the butt of the gun against my body so that I could use two hands to cock it back. At that point I knew immediatly I was in a dream and woke up. I always struggle with using firearms in my dreams and I have even pulled the trigger before and nothing happens.This is the same with driving cars. If I get into my car and attempt to drive in a dream I just can't do it. I can't control the vehicle for some reason. It will roll backwards or stall out. What could this mean and has anyone else experienced this?
This is a sentence from a novel which I do not understand its meaning. What is a whirling machine? and does it relate to scratching eyebrow? Or it is just an idiom? The setting of the story is around 1940.
It's a reference to the complex brain activity that must take place for a simple human action to occur.
i want to sell an unused candle maker
The questions need to ask yourself are: - Is the weight of the product and corresponding freight cost going to be prohibitive for anyone bidding internationally or far from my local area? - Is my product too specialised for OKorder? - do I need a large national/international group of prospective buyers to ensure a sale? You may in fact be better off finding a more specialised sales platform. Good luck.
I want to start export machinery spares parts from India. I don't know how to start? I did some research sent some email to foreign company but nobody replied..?? Please guide me step by step process. 1. How to approach foreign traders/foreign importers?2. How do I market my company?3. What are the legal procedure to export from India?4. What is market position for exporting machinery spare parts from India?
ship it as an exotic food.
pls provide.
pls explain properly.
LOL Industrial mechanization!
You need only three things to repair anything. duct tape, Phillips head screwdriver and a hammer.
pls answer. im very confunded
it depends on your definition of machinery. I define machinery as something with moving parts and a propulsion system. so a hang glider or a bunch of balloons doesn't fit the criteria and both will definitely get you up in the air.
Explain the balance in an Accumulated Depreciation Machinery account and what it represents. Are they funds to replace the machinery when it wears out? If not, what does it represent?
Each year, capital equipment depreciates according to a schedule. The amount is debited to the Equipment account and credited to the Accum. Depr. Mach. account. It does not represent any actual transfer of money. It is a paper loss.