• High Quality SS PP Spunbond Nonwoven Fabric with Big Promotion System 1
  • High Quality SS PP Spunbond Nonwoven Fabric with Big Promotion System 2
  • High Quality SS PP Spunbond Nonwoven Fabric with Big Promotion System 3
  • High Quality SS PP Spunbond Nonwoven Fabric with Big Promotion System 4
High Quality SS PP Spunbond Nonwoven Fabric with Big Promotion

High Quality SS PP Spunbond Nonwoven Fabric with Big Promotion

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TT or LC
Min Order Qty:
1000 kg
Supply Capability:
1000000 kg/month

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100% PP Spunbond Nonwoven Fabric Product Information
SizeAs your requirement
ColorAs customer request
Usage1.Shopping bags,tablecloth,compund packing material,Filter material
2.Medical field :Face mask Surgical gown,protective clothes,operation cover,cap,shoe cover,bed sheet etc.
3.Sanitary and Health:Baby&adult diaper,feminie hygiene,hygiene pad,etc
4.Agriculture and horticulture cover
Sample time3-5days
production15days after sample confirmed
PackagePacked in rolls,with 2" or 3"ID core inside, poly bags outside, loaded by 20GP or 40 HC

Product photos of 100% PP Spunbond Nonwoven Fabric

Machine Photos of PP Spunbond Nonwoven Fabric



1). how can we guarantee quality?
We can accept any third party test before shipment

We welcome you to test our goods at any time.

2).what can you buy from us?
pp non-woven fabric,sms/SMMS non woven fabric,Pe Film Coated nonwoven fabric,ss/sss non woven fabric,Embossed non-woven

3. what services can we provide?

--we accept T/T, L/C, D/P terms

--we can provide free samples for your testing

--we have professional logistic team to make documents for you

Q:What fabric is cashmere like?
This is a functional fabric, 100%Acrylic (100% acrylic), feel good, and cashmere almost, so it is called cashmere. Is made of acrylic through special craft processing, make the acrylic fiber with natural cashmere that smooth, soft and elastic feeling, and has excellent dyeing properties of acrylic yarn, called imitation cashmere.
Q:Peach skin and comfortable cashmere and rayon 2WAY pillow fabric that is better
Comfortable velvet: This is the surface has a lot of fluffy, so the design is not comparable to the front two, suitable for winter use.Rayon: between peach skin and 2WAY. The surface is smooth, but there is twill, not very much like this. Not recommendedSuggest "2WAY" or "peach skin" if you want to buy it. But 2WAY is more expensive, but fragile. High cost performance is peach skin, durability is high, but the softness is not comparable to 2WAY. The highest fineness of the pattern is 2WAY and peach skin, and then rayon, comfortable cashmere minimum (because of hair)
Q:Pure cotton fabric how to wash?
After washing, the dehydration should be rapidly leveled and dried to reduce wrinkles. In addition to the white fabric, not in the sun exposure, avoiding sun exposure and makes the cotton accelerate oxidation, thereby reducing the service life of clothes and caused the faded yellow, if the drying in the sunlight, suggested to be dry inside outwards.
Q:What is the difference between TC fabric and cotton fabric?
Cotton fabric "refers to polyester and cotton blended fabric, polyester cotton components accounted for more than 60% components in 40% the following, namely" Dacron "or" really cool "is also called TC. If the composition of cotton is greater than 60% (usually 65/35), it is called CVC[chief value of cotton]
Q:What is fabric recycling?
The two design of garment material, also called fabric reconstruction, refers to two process processing of finished fabrics according to the design requirements, so as to produce new artistic effects. It is an extension of the designer's thinking, with unparalleled creativity.
Q:What's the material of velvet?
Velvet products require high grade, small linear density, long length and good maturity. Velvet products have special requirements for twist of terry yarn. When cotton is used, it requires less twist and small twist of cotton yarn
Q:What are sheep Beijing fabrics?
Beijing Beijing is sheep sheep fabric made from the skin of the fabric, also called Jing sheep skin, sheepskin is back, the side is not smooth. Thin texture, smooth surface, like suede.
Q:What kind of fabrics are shirts and blouses?
Belongs to the cotton quality, but has the ingredient difference, the shirt generally is not the real significance cotton.
Q:What is the difference between fabric and fabric? What does fabric mean?. What do you mean by material?
Fabric is a relatively wide name, all fabrics can be called fabrics.
Q:Why do cotton fabrics fall off?
Although a lot of floating hair has been reduced, but the plant fiber has also lost its original vitality, so the treated fabric will easily cause residual chemical components, long-term exposure will have a greater harm to human health.

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