China Printed 100 PP Factory Directly Sell SMS Non Woven Fabric Roll

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Product Description:

China Printed 100 PP Factory Directly Sell SMS Non Woven Fabric Roll

Product Description

China Printed 100 PP Factory Directly Sell SMS Non Woven Fabric Roll


NameNon-woven cloth
ColorWhite, blue, pink, black or as customized
Material100% Polypropylene
TypePolypropylene Spunbond Nonwoven Fabric
Width57/58", 160cm-200cm-320cm (can be slit)
ApplicationWidely used for hygiene(diapers, incontinence products, sanitary napkin, wet wipes, panty line, dry and wet towels, baby cleaning products, cloth and wraps for beauty and cosmetics)
Premium MaterialThe fabric meltblown cloth features a new generation of materials, which is breathable, flexible, lightweight, non-burning, easy to decompose, non-toxic, non-irritating, recyclable, etc.
FunctionsHeat insulation, heat preservation, insulation, non-toxic and non-irritating.
Place of originChina

Product display

Non woven Fabric Characteristic:
-- Eco-friendly, water repellent
-- Can have anti-UV(1%-5%), anti-bacteria,anti-static,flame retardant function as request
-- Tear resistant, shrink-resistant
-- Strong strength and elongation, soft, non-toxic
-- Excellent property of air through

3ply mask materials
1. Outer waterproof non-woven fabric
2. Middle layer meltblown filter cloth
3. Inner breathing skin-friendly layer



Q1. Are you a manufacturer?
A1. Yes, we had 7 production lines, we manufacturing PP Nowoven/ Meltblown fabrics and Face Mask.

Q2. Supply capacity?
A2. 800 Tones per month.

Q3. Samples?
A3. We offer free samples but courier fees at your cost.

Q4. Do you have MOQ?
A4. One ton for any colors fabric , any qty on white and black.

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Q:What is SP fabric?
Spandex has a high degree of elasticity, can be stretched 6-7 times, with the disappearance of tension, quickly restored to the initial state.
Q:What's good about linen?
Linen fabric with temperature, anti allergic, anti-static, antibacterial function, the hygroscopicity of flax, can absorb the equivalent of 20 times its weight in water, so the linen fabric feels dry, now, wrinkle, linen and blended the birth of iron products, make flax products in the market to further expand.
Q:What is the difference between worsted fabric and extensive fabric?
1, also known as worsted woolen worsted fabrics, with high count worsted woven wool fabric, good quality, clean, smooth and soft fabric closely, clear, bright and elastic, the varieties of Hua Dane, serge, Gong, valitin, Pailisi, Malaysia, lady's dress pants. Camel, floss, Vienna etc..2, it also called carded woolen wool, is carded or combed yarn woven into parts. The body is thicker, and there is a layer of fabric on the surface of the fabric, covering the number of lines of tissue. But there are no surface and thick wool Plush form various patterns, this kind of product is soft, soft and warm and rich. The main varieties of plain coat, silver gun overcoats, Ma Haimao overcoats, Mai Erdeng, tweed, uniforms, plush, camel hair etc..
Q:What are the clothing materials?
General clothing materials are divided into two major series: woven fabrics: clothing and shirts mainly for clothing. Knitted fabric: mainly used for underwear and sports clothing, but because of the development of science and technology, but also to the thick, stiff fabric development, gradually make knitted underwear outside of knitted fabrics, woven, become the coat of.
Q:What is the general material of men's windbreaker?
Spring and autumn coat does not need cloth sometimes because of cotton fabric in the composition is relatively close to the skin,
Q:What is the fabric of sun velvet?
Cotton cashmere Yang: in order to meet the high standards of people sleep environment and strict requirements, domestic textile fabrics industry leader Sun Yang launched a new cotton fabrics, the ecological good sleep clean to the consumer side.
Q:What do you mean by four piece cotton fabric 128*68 cotton?
Pure cotton represents material. This is very simple128*64 you can understand that the density of fabrics, called weaving, is generally marked by "XX*XX weave"The higher the fabric is said to do more thin, and the material process requirements higher, of course, the cost is higher. They sell expensive.
Q:What are the features of jacquard fabrics? What fabric comes from?
The patterns of jacquard fabrics are not ordinary prints, nor are they embroidered. They are woven from yarn. Jacquard fabric in manufacturing, using latitude and organizational structure changes, the warp and weft yarns are interwoven and form different patterns, and ultimately the formation of flowers, convex, the fine yarn and high density needle. Jacquard fabric can be divided into woven jacquard, warp knitting and weft knitting, in which the weft knitted fabric is flexible when it is pulled transversely and vertically, while warp and shuttle jacquard are not elastic at all.
Q:Modal fabrics fade away
However, whether it will fade is also related to washing methods and chemical additives (such as bleach water, etc.)It matters。 Some fabrics have been marked with non bleaching, and if they are added with bleachThe color must be spent.
Q:Nylon and polyester which is easy to electrostatic?
Under normal circumstances, polyester is more easy to electrostatic, of course, whether it is nylon or polyester, if the raw materials used are anti-static treatment, you can not do static.

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