needle punch / thermal bond non woven flame retardant non woven fabric

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Product Description:

needle punch / thermal bond non woven flame retardant non woven fabric

Product Description:

CFR 1633 Standard Flame Retardant Wadding Non Woven Felt for Mattress from Maxbond

* Inherant Rayon FR fiber mix with Low Melt fiber making non woven fabric greatly comply with CFR1633.
* soft and flame retardant.
* This fresh FR fabric is perfect for filling mattress, Sofa, toys and many different home textile products.




Product Type:needle punch / thermal bond non woven flame retardant non woven fabric
Material:viscose flame retardant fiber & Low Melt fiber
Fabric Type:Non woven / wadding
Technics:Needle punched & Thermal Bond
Feature:Flame Retardant, Eco-Friendly, Waterproof, Anti-Static, Breathable


Detailed of our products:


needle punch / thermal bond non woven flame retardant non woven fabric

needle punch / thermal bond non woven flame retardant non woven fabric

needle punch / thermal bond non woven flame retardant non woven fabric


Our Advantages:


15+ years experience
We not only have advanced production equipments, but also a team of experienced technical workers who have been engaged in developing and producing non-woven fabrics for over 15 years.


Quality guarantee
Standardized and strict quality control system from raw material select, fabric production, package, delivery, aiming for providing customer qualified item with satisfied service.


24-hour service
Not only production, our service is also available 24 hours.




Non-woven fabrics are suitable for medical, sanitary, surgical gowns, protective clothing, disinfection wraps, masks, diapers, civilian wipes, wipes, wet face towels, magic towels, soft towel rolls, beauty products, sanitary napkins, sanitary pads , And disposable sanitary cloth, etc.


Packing & Delivery:


Custom packaging
Vacuum packing: polybag inside and outside by nonwoven PP bag


can be cusomized


Loading and delivery
BY Sea, Air, Express, Truck



needle punch / thermal bond non woven flame retardant non woven fabric

needle punch / thermal bond non woven flame retardant non woven fabric

needle punch / thermal bond non woven flame retardant non woven fabric




Q: How long is your delivery time?

A: Generally it is 15-20 days after 30% deposit according to quantity.


Q: Do you provide samples ? is it free or extra ?

A: Yes,We can provide free samples while freight collected.


Q: Can I mix different items in one order?

A: Yes, different items can be mixed in one order.


Q: How does your factory carry out quality control?

A: Standardized and strict quality control system from raw material select, fabric production, package, delivery, aiming for providing customer qualified items.


Q: Can you print our logo?

A: Yes, the items can be printed customers' logo based on heavy quantity.



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Q:What cloth does not fade?
Only polyester (that is, polyester) can be guaranteed. This is because dyeing with disperse dyes and dyeing polyester only, disperse dyes, color fastness is very good, they are in high temperature more than 125 DEG C, macromolecular polyester in the mosaic into the void, after the temperature down, firmly stuck in the inside of the fiber, not loose.
Q:What's the fabric of Dacron?
Polyester fabric is a kind of chemical fiber clothing fabric used in daily life. Its biggest advantage is good wrinkle resistance and good shape, so it is suitable for clothing.
Q:What are active fabrics and semi active fabrics, please?
The active dyeing makes the fabric dustproof, with high cleanness and high color fastness. Of course, the cost is much higher than pigment printing and dyeing. Is the stamp dyes used for reactive dyes, generally used in high viscosity sodium alginate paste do flow (which degeneration small, small amount of slurry infiltration, can better keep the original pattern, mostly used) M type reactive dyes was (the dye has good fixation rate and lifting force, also can reduce the soaping staining prescription / 9 L 'reactive dye x urea 1 2x reservehao S 10 material amount of water amount of alkali 15 - 30). Compared with pigment printing, active printing has many advantages, such as good permeability, excellent color fastness and soft feel, but there are also many problems, such as complicated printing process, long process and difficult processing. General active printing and dyeing can guarantee environmental protection, harmless to people, color and fabric feel is better, there will not be a hard, soft feeling.
Q:The specific kind of acrylic fabrics, what is its advantage?
Acrylic fabric is lightweight fabrics, in synthetic fabrics after polypropylene, so it is a good light clothes.
Q:What's the difference between silk and mulberry silk?
The fabric of mulberry silk has the feeling of cool in summer and warm in winter, and it is the main raw material for silk weaving. Is the silk silk as raw material, with thousands of filaments and hold a stalemate for reeling filament fabric. Silk contains amino acid was affectionately known as "the second skin of human skin it is helpful, so we usually do when maintenance and washing should also pay attention to, it is best to use hand washing liquid neutral wash, dry it.
Q:What fabric can be sand washed?
With the vigorous expansion of sand washing varieties, people have invented water washing in practice, namely, fabrics or garments are treated in clear water or with some additives. This can be soft, light and pleasant, and make the fabric shrink clothes plain natural effect; in the chemical slurry, people invented a biological medium "as biological washing", which is in a certain temperature conditions on the fabric effect used to some biological bacteria, in the shade and feel, than the sand washing effect.
Q:What are the silk hand-painted wallpaper specifically made of silk fabric?
General use of double Palace silk, the pigment used is textile pigment, so you can wipe, in case of water will not fade
Q:What is the fabric of VISCOSA?
rayon cotton spandexRayon spandex accounted for 97%, accounted for 3%Among many high grade products, elastic spandex fiber not only shows good elasticity, but also has high strength, large elasticity modulus and good recovery. It has been popular all over the world in recent years. The woven fabric is soft and elastic, and can remarkably improve the wearing comfort and the added value of the product.
Q:What are the advantages and disadvantages of Lesel fiber?
Which fiber is a new textile and apparel fabrics, in late 1990s the rise in europe. It not only has the natural fiber cotton comfort, feel good, easy to dye and other characteristics, but also has the traditional viscose fiber does not have the advantages of environmental protection. Viscose fiber takes petroleum as the raw material, in the production process will release the carbon disulfide, the hydrogen sulfide and so on harmful gas, pollutes the environment, therefore is gradually eliminated in the developed country. Which fiber formed by renewable bamboo and wood pulp as raw material after crushing, advanced technology makes the solvent recovery rate as high as 99.7%, not only energy saving and environmental protection, and sustainable development. Made of this fiber clothing not only natural luster, feel smooth, high strength, no shrinkage, and moisture permeability, good air permeability, and good effect of wool fabric.
Q:40 cotton and 60 cotton. Which one is good?
Jacquard fabric: fabric warp and weft of organizational change with the formation of flowers, fine yarn, raw cotton on demanding. And the difference between the monochromatic and polychromatic dyeing technology of jacquard jacquard, jacquard fabric, jacquard monochrome dyeing jacquard fabric woven by good jacquard fabric after dyeing and finishing, the fabric product is solid; color jacquard yarn dyed jacquard fabric, as first yarn dyed after lewd jacquard loom system, finally so the yarn dyed jacquard fabric finishing, there are more than two kinds of colors, fabrics, rich colors, not drab, flower type three-dimensional sense of strong, higher grade. Fabric width of 2 meters 5, pure cotton fabric has shrunk slightly, no pilling, no fading.Satin fabric: warp and weft yarn at least every three interwoven only once, so the satin weave the fabric density is higher, so the fabric more solid. Satin weave higher than similar products of plain, twill products cost. The satin weave fabric called Satin fabric. Satin fabric has the positive and negative points, a complete interleaving point cycle in the least, floating line is the longest, the surface of the fabric almost entirely by warp or weft float lines, satin fabric is soft. The cloth is smooth, delicate and lustrous.

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