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Please try to explain in detail.Thanks.
The bacteria would have to acquire mammalian DNA; the easiest way is to have it absorb the DNA into a plasmid (known as recombinant DNA); this can be induced by heat shock treatment after mixing the DNA with bacteria. This has been done with the genes for producing the enzyme, Insulin, in humans, and E. Coli bacteria (however, this insulin structure lacks certain sugars and does not function properly). Once the DNA is in a bacterial plasmid, the bacteria have ribosomes that can generate the proteins.
The DNA replication machinery is assembled at the replication fork. A. True B False
I live in Illinois and am currently 15 years old, and am a pizza maker at a restaurant. I currently make pizzas and throw them in the oven. When will I be old enough to cut up vegetables and use a machine that makes the dough flat?? 16?? 18? 21?
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I was tasked to look for at least two design experiments to illustrate the industrial applications of AC machines. We are going to perform the design experiments in our laboratory classes. Please help me. Anything simple could do.
You could demonstrate that as the load on a three phase induction motor or transformer, increases, so too does the power factor. This is something that is important to demonstrate as it will lead to the correct size motor or transformer, being installed. A second demonstration could be showing that as the mechanical load on a three phase motor, increases, the motor draws more current and the slip speed percentage, increases slightly. You can use a prony brake to apply more load in both of these demonstrations. You will also need a power factor meter, a watt-meter and a tachometer.
pass the journal entries
Cash A/C dr. 80000 Machinery A/C dr. 10000 Purchases A/C dr. 40000 To capital A/C. 130000
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I'm okorder with any more questions.
Machinery has its tools that need to be replaced after 10 years for technical reasons. At the balance sheet, the tools have been in use for 5 years.Explain is there any present obligation and whether provision is recognized or not?If yes then why?
Question of Inventory precaution.
I was reading a thread about chemical engineering and noticed someone said that chemical engineers design machinery used to mass produce products created by chemist. Is this true?
Yeah they can. Machinery's predominantly designed my mechanical engineers, but it's not uncommon for a chemical engineer to do it too, or do aspects of the overall design.