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You could easily make a drink like cool aid with a spoon, water and a packet of flavoring. But when your business for drinks gets really big, like Gatorade, what equipment do they use to produce their drinks?I have a project going on where i have to determine what kind of specalized equipment i will need. I'm making a drink. So what kind of 'specialized equipment' would i need for my business?
It's all custom made equipment. Do a search for packaging equipment. Good luck*
I want to know if someone can give me websites or something about places that sell modern machines for elaborating jewelry, ill like to know about a machine named stamping press for jewelry.. and if it is possible companies that sell machines for building jewelry in new york, or anywhere in the united states
I've been making my own jewellery and some of it might be of interest to you. Let me know what you want, colours etc and we could see if I can help?
Where can I purchase 1/32 scale working RC Machinery and tractors. I see all of these videos on YouTube (will put links below) with these amazingly detailed working rc tractors and stuff. Where do these people get them from. I am noticing everyone of these videos is made in Germany. I am in the US. Please help is there a website for them.
Rc Tractors
Tire repairing machine for engineering machinery
Cord tire alone: some signs, such as "nylon" (NYLON), the general standard in the world level; some tire manufacturers marked in the specification, expressed by the first letter of Chinese phonetic alphabet, such as 9 20N, 7.50 20G, N said, G said, M nylon wire, Cotton Table R said rayon.
Construction machinery if the use of diesel engines, the use of motors, the general choice of DC motor or AC motor?.
The AC power is large, the DC power is small, and as for synchronous asynchronous, it is not very important considerations, depending on the drive you select, and you need the specific speed, load capacity
How to improve mechanical design ability!
To improve, we must sum up, this is critical. Other people or their achievements from scratch, thinking, think where needs improvement, where is the key, where is worth learning and drawing lessons from. Thinking is very important. Thinking is progress.
can we fly by using some anti-gravity shoes or opposite of gravity (negative gravity).
In theory maybe, there have been scientific paper's written about anti-gravity that explain how it could be done but any attempt to do it hasn't shown much results yet.
What about the marketing department of mechanical engineering students?
Construction machinery market is still very large... Mainly to lease sales of construction machinery to those construction units based.