Tinplate with Prime Quality for Tin Box Making

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Item specifice

Tin coating
Coil& Sheet
Surface Treatment:
Tin coating
Steel Grade:
0.15- 0.50mm
600- 1010mm
Net Weight:
3- 10mt

Tinplate Specification

Tinplate, as the name suggests, is coated on both sides with pure tin at various coating weights between 1 and 12 grams per square meter. It has extremely beautiful metalllic luster as well as excellent properties in corrosion resistance, solder ability, and weld ability.


Tinplate Applications

Tinplate is widely used for making all types of containers, electrical machinery parts and many other products.

  1. Chemicals and painting cans

  2. Dry food cans, such as fancy cans, biscuit cans, milk powder cans, tea cans.


Tinplate Pictures

Tinplate with Prime Quality for Tin Box Making

Tinplate with Prime Quality for Tin Box Making

Tinplate with Prime Quality for Tin Box Making

Tinplate Features

  1. Steel Type: MR, SPCC 

  2. Temper(BA& CA): T1- T5, DR8- DR10

  3. Coating: 1.1- 8.4g/m^2

  4. Tickness: 0.15- 0.,50mm

  5. Width: 600-1010mm

  6. I.D: 508mm

  7. Coil weight: 3- 10mt

  8. Passivation: 311

  9. Oiling: DOS

  10. Surface finish: Bright, Stone

  11. Quantity for 20 Feet FCL: 20- 25MT

  12. Package: Seaworthy Export Standard Wooden Pallet



Tinplate is widely used for making all types of containers, electrical machinery parts and many other products

  1. Chemicals and painting cans

  2. Dry food ccans, such as fancy cans, biscuit cans, milk powder cans, tea cans.

  3. Liquid food cans, such as edible oil cans, beverage cans, Tomato paste cans

  4. Sea food cans

  5. Crown corks, easy open ends

  6. Electrical machinery parts

  7. Bakeware and household kitchen parts


Production Standard

  1. GB/T 2520-2000

  2. JIS G3303-2002

  3. DIN EN 10202-2001

  4. ASTM A623M-2002

  5. ISO 11949-1995

Yes, tinplate can be used for packaging hazardous materials. Tinplate is a robust and durable material that provides excellent protection against external elements and corrosion. It is commonly used for packaging hazardous materials such as chemicals, paints, and aerosols due to its ability to withstand the potential risks associated with these substances. Additionally, tinplate is easily recyclable, making it an environmentally friendly choice for packaging hazardous materials.
Tinplate performs exceptionally well in terms of stackability. Its rigid and durable nature allows for easy stacking without compromising the structural integrity of the stack. Additionally, the smooth surface of tinplate ensures that stacked items do not shift or slide, further enhancing its stackability.
There are several different ways to seal tinplate containers, including using a metal lid with a rubber gasket, using a plastic or paper lid with a heat-sealed lining, using a twist-off cap with a tamper-evident seal, and using a peel-off foil seal.
Yes, tinplate can be embossed.
Q:Can you tell me how to deal with the recycling of tinplate?
The tin is magnetic, is easy to recycle scrap. Second, waste tin as scrap iron and steel melted, make steel containing a small amount of tin (less than 0.1%), to improve the performance of cast iron.
Yes, tinplate can be used for packaging products with sensitive electronic components. Tinplate is known for its excellent electrical conductivity and corrosion resistance, making it an ideal choice for protecting sensitive electronic components from external factors such as moisture and oxidation. Additionally, tinplate offers good mechanical strength and can be easily formed into various shapes, providing secure packaging for these components.
The different closure options for tinplate packaging include twist-off lids, crown caps, pry-off tops, friction-fit closures, and lever lids.
Tinplate contributes to the efficiency of energy systems by providing a durable and lightweight material that can be used in various components such as cans, containers, and packaging. It helps in preserving and protecting energy resources, reducing energy consumption during transportation, and improving overall energy efficiency in the storage and distribution of goods. Additionally, tinplate is recyclable, which further supports sustainable energy practices and reduces waste in the energy system.
Yes, tinplate can be used for non-food products. Tinplate is a versatile material commonly used in various industries such as automotive, electronics, packaging, and construction. It offers excellent corrosion resistance and durability, making it suitable for non-food applications like cans for paints, aerosols, chemicals, and other industrial products.
Yes, tinplate can be used for packaging tobacco products. Tinplate is a commonly used material for packaging various products, including tobacco products, due to its durability, resistance to corrosion, and ability to maintain product freshness and quality.

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