T225 Aluminum beam DU-AL beams for concrete formwork scaffolding system light weight beam

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T225 Aluminum Beam

Aluminium Beams are a proven safe long term investment, when planning your formwork options. These high quality and fully technically compliant beams can provide a robust solution for your typical horizontal elements, such as floor slab and beams. The same equipment beams provided with our engineering drawings and calculations will also perform for all vertical elements such as walls or columns. 





Code No. Length (m)Weight (kg)
 C412  1.20          10.70
 C418   1.80           16.06
  C4242.40         21.41
 C430   3.00          26.76
C436    3.60   32.11
 C442     4.20   37.46
C4484.80           42.82
 C454     5.40         48.17
 C460      6.00          53.52
 C472      7.20  64.22
Area   32.90cm2
Young’s modulus    68900N/mm2
Section modulus Zxx  204.5cm3
  Inertia xx            2301cm4
 Inertia yy             329cm4
 Moment of resistance   29.25kNm


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