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I have a aluminum bass tracker and I want to paint it one solid color and.put a decal on it, whats the easiest way? I dont have no big sanders or nothing like thatI dont know if they make some spray paint for stuff like that
Yes, that will workBut, getting paint drop plastic sheets and cutting them to length would be cheaper and work betterBlankets has holes in them and plastic is air tight.
What cigarette is wrapped in aluminum foil?
Because the foil can effectively moisture-proof, quality and light, easy to transport, and relatively cheap.
I need recipes for a company camping trip so, seriously, they need to be reallyyy easy!
yeah do that or just go ahead and move it to the curb wle
i need to cut some handlebars for my motorcycle and will not spend 130$ on two tubesit's just your run of the mill aluminumi need a place in the chicagoland area that i can drive to and purchase a pipe (length doesn't matter really)or order online locally and cheaplystronger aluminum would be preferred so it'll polish nicer but it really doesn't matteralso bulk is a no go, not about to buy a couple hundred dollars worth of pipethanks ahead of time, all input is appreciated.
I thought that Sodium (Na+) had a high melting point.
a potassium atom:an aluminum ion:a bromine atom:a selenium atom
Potassium loses electrons [it's a metal] Aluminum loses electrons too [it's also a metal] Bromine gains electrons [it's not a metal] Selenium gains electrons [it's a non-metal too]Selenium 2,8,18, 6 [therefore it gains 4] and becomes negative Potassium 2,8,8, 1 [loses one] so therefore becomes positive Aluminum 2,8,3 [gives away three] so it becomes positive Bromine 2,8, 18, 7 [gains three] so it becomes negative Non-metals become negative when they form ions and metals become positive when they form ions.
I can't do it outside[neighborhood's super strict], so I plan on doing it in my garage.Is it safe to burn paper on an aluminum pan?Once the paper is burned to ashes, will the flame be automatically out?
it'll burn quickly if you take a couple sheets to the driveway it'll be done before your neighbors noticekeep it contained in like a metal trash can or something fairly heavy and deephave a hose ready just in caseor you could just shred the papers.
Ok, went into the store to buy a .45auto Ruger KP345, I know .45, like it, shoot it well, but then I saw a box of 9mm (10$) next to a box of .45 (15.50$)What are some good-mid priced (sub 500) pistols in 9mmI would prefer a SA/DA trigger, thin, well made, +4inch barrel, adjustable sights if possible, and either a poly frame or steel/aluminum will dosigh.Only if the KP345 was avalible in 9mm.
Step 1: Get off the couch/bed/chair Step 2: Go outside Step 3: Run until you feel really tired, then rest a bit and run all the way back homeIf you aren't getting the proper endorphin rush from good exercise (i.ejust about any exercise) then you aren't working hard enoughIf you are still having trouble finding motivation, run with some friends or somethingJust get out there and do itIt really isn't hard.
When cooking with aluminum foil is it shiny side up ?
I've seen this in a bunch of places: Get a bunch of those carpet samples from Home Depot, Lowes, etcI think after awhile, they get rid of them anyway so you can probably get them for either free or really cheapThen, just nail/glue/staple them all over the walls of your studioIf you've been in a house with carpet, and a house with hardwood floors, you'll notice how much less echo-y the ones with carpet areThese rooms with carpet square are AMAZING, they keep the sound in really well, and it makes the room look pretty spiffy tooHope this helped ^_^