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ok I got a ipod alarm clcok thing for christmas but it is not ipod brand. I wanted to wake up to the music on my ipod and the instructions say to select the song you want put your ipod on the dock and turn the ipod off and then the alarm will play your song when it goes off. I did all that but when I turn the ipod off of course it pauses my song so the song does not play on the alarm. can anyone help?
just incase your sander comes viciously uncontrollable you have taken all of the safety precuations and therefore you can sue the ss out of the sandpaper company if you sustain any injuries.
i have a 1999 toyota 4runner, my problem is, after i took out the ignition lock cylinder, there is another piece in there, it is a male part that adapts to the female igntion lock cylinder to crank the engine, i took that piece out with some tweezers and found that that piece snapped! a little part broke off and its stuck in a hole thing. can anyone tell me what this piece is called so i can replace it? and how do i get the broken piece out? its stuck in a hole
I recommend buying 2 sizes in advance that way you can gradually add to the wardrobe without breaking the bank. That being said, it depends on your life style. My newborn pretty much spent the whole time in footie pajamas they were easy to dress, easy for diapering, and allowed for a nap whenever baby needed it. So, 10 footie pajamas (NB, 0-3) 10 socks 5 hooded towels 10 bibs 10 receiving/swaddling blankets, 5 thick blankets for travel and play time 10 pacifiers 8- 4oz bottles, 12- 8oz bottles Sippy cups you won't need for some time, so I wouldn't worry about it right now, same goes for safety gates. You will also need Diapers, newborn babies go through 10-12 diapers a day. You should get a few packs of NB size as well as a few size 1. You will need an infant bath tub, bubble bath, shampoo, a wash cloth or baby sponge. You will need 5 or so pairs of hats. You will need a car seat, stroller, crib That should at least get you started :)
So I'm very particular about what I wear because it's basicly 99.99% of my self esteem. I consider my style as pinup grunge, which sounds really pretentious but makes sense if you knew me. I like really feminine vintage silouettes and prints mixed with edgy peices. My go to is an old band tee, a leather jacket and a floral skirt. Liike if Joan Jett and Marilyn Monroe had a love child it would be my style. I wear alot of vintage style fitted dresses, paterned tights and studs. I love leather jackets and pretty much live in a Nirvana tee shirt. I'm just wondering if anyone could make an out fit based on this criteria or give me some peices. I feel like I've hit an inspiration road block and need a little help. Thank you
9mm is the cheapest handgun ammo after .22 lr. Look at the Kel-Tec P11 or the Ruger LC9. I have been thinking about the two for CCW. The Ruger would be a good gun. I am still a little iffy on the Kel-Tec.
In CSI:Las Vegas Greg Sanders hits a suspect in crime when he had no weapons but he was in a car. he had to go to court because the guy died and I had a question if he gets fired. I hope he dosent because he's awesome!!!
Materials that reflect light back in the direction it came from. Car taillight reflectors, bicycle reflectors, the plastic strips bicyclists use to keep pants cuffs from drifting into the chain, and the small glass beads used in some road-stripe and license-plate paints are examples.
I was smoking a cigar and watching reruns of the Love Boat when I fell asleep. My cigar rolled off the bed and into a trashcan off the side of my bed. I woke to smoke and flames. My blankets caught on fire and I nearly burned. Thankfully I was able to get away in time. However the fire has spread and now the entire south end of my trailer is engulfed in flames. I managed to save my goldfish thankfully. I can't call the fire department since my phone is in the fire. I'm not sure what to do. I don't have a fire extinguisher. I tried wetting my t shirt and beating the flames out but they were too big and I forgot that I had gotten drunk the previous night and vomited Bacardi 151 all over my self which soaked into my shirt causing my shirt to ignite instantly when I tried to use it to whack the fire.
Think Erin think. You can't drive your car without an engine or wheels. When you come right down to it we can do without windshield wipers; it'd be a bother but we can and we can do without a windshield; another bother but it can be done. Men invented the most important parts of the car the credit goes to them and yes thank you to Mary Anderson for the windshield wiper and thanks to El Dorado Jones for the engine muffler and thanks be to Margaret Wilcox for the car heater. However; man has invented the car and thank you to the men and to Henry Ford for his ingenuity in the development of the assembly line.
Where do I fill up a fire extinguisher?
Hi, I am a professional cabinet maker, I have made 5' by 12' screens using formica white sparkle finish, the refractive properties are great, for my digital projector.
why is speed bump called hump in australia?
Are you wanting to make it stealthy to radar or vision? And for what purpose? If radar, then you might consider a fabric balloon filled with helium with servo motors and a propeller to control it. Crinkle aluminum foil around the hardware to misdirect the radar signal. If to vision, then make it out of clear plastic and paint the hardware sky blue.
A fire hose ejects a stream of water at an angle of 32.0 ° above the horizontal. The water leaves the nozzle with a speed of 25.2 m/s. Assuming that the water behaves like a projectile, how far from a building should the fire hose be located to hit the highest possible fire?
B) like butterflies and fairytales. I have a fabulous marriage. And we make it the most important thing to us. We treat it like a fairytale thus creating this perfect realm. We are incredibly happy and very much in love. Our friends aren't jealous for no reason. We are very close and have a lot of intimacy. We have a hell of a good time just doing our own thing. We never have the normal conversationssure if its about the kids or workbut we rarely talk about work. We talk about some really random and weird things. We never have boring conversations. We laugh a lot together. There are a million little details as to why I have the marriage that I do.