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Okay. So I use firefox. Well, I woke up yesterday and my address bar isn't working right. The back, forward, refresh and stop buttons are grey and won't work. The address bar will let me surf the web but it won't update the url. (Ex: I'll be on yahoo answers but it'll stay ) Also, if it counts for anything, I use Ubuntu. Please don't ask me why I'm using ubuntu. I know how it works and all but I can't fix this problem.
It's pretty simple actually. Glass used in optical instruments has been formulated to be thermally stable. Other materials like ceramics and metals are too susceptable to temperature gradients and will expand and contract with temperature changes. Optical instruments like reflecting telescopes require thermal stability to reduce or eliminate minute distortion of star images resulting from temperature changes. This is especially important when doing astrometric measurements and astro-imaging.
And why do we all make that face in the sun, anyway? It's not like our angry eyebrows become a cloak that shields our eyes from the sun
I wouldn't use mylar - it will probably melt from the heat of the bulb. Try these ideas instead: Take one of the glass panes out, go to a hardware store, and ask them to cut pieces of mirror to that size. Then install them in place of the clear glass with the mirrored side facing the bulb. You may be able to turn the fixture at the top so that 2 pieces of mirror are enough to shield your neighbor's yard from the light. Another possibility would be to put a piece of polished brass sheet in the fixture on top of the glass to act as a reflector. The shinier the metal, the better. You may want to spray or brush on a thin coat of clear lacquer first, though. Otherwise, when the brass tarnishes, it won't reflect nearly as much light.
pllz i need it for my homework
do You have a home security system? In a former home of my the smoke decors were a part of the security system and they would beep like you have described and it can be resolved by calling the company even if it is not active and they can walk you through the steps to fix it!
locking lipsusing ur tongueetc whats the hardest part and what are some tips
NO! That is illegal! All states require some notice. Some states even require that notice to be written. Hard to help any further without knowing what state your in.
i work as a cna and my friend took a picture of me giving a resident a shower.. i smiled in the picture and i guess someone rated us out to our boss. we deleted the picture along time ago so its not like they ever saw it. i am just so scared!! i dont know if i should deny it or just tell the truth i am only 17
knife laws for CO but its illegal for any student to have a knife on school grounds without written permission from faculty
I was sleeping and then the fire alarm went of for about a minutute. It's never happened before, and they are battery operated. So I jumped outta bed and they stopped about a minutute. No smoke, no fire why did it happen
just because you put words in ALL CAPS doesn't make your baseless claim any stronger. truth is, the meaning and goal of life is to survive and pass on your genes to the next generation. anything that helps you achieve that end such as attaining more money for food, shelter and better access to and selection of mates is productive from that sense. anything that is not, such as religion is deteremental to your survival- so this spiritual CRAP is just THAT. BECAUSE IT TAKES YOUR TIME AWAY FROM MEANINGFULL SURVIVAL BEHAVIOR AND IN THAT RESPECT IS A WASTE OF TIME AND DETREMENTAL. when you have PROOF, PROOF PROOF- then come TALK. you HAVE no PROOF that RELIGION is VALID SO you OPERATE under A misconception and invalid statement.
Looking for a material that can be turned into a reflective material (such as a mirror) by electricity and then becomes transparent without electricity
We can make temperature change materials, the temperature is different, different colors, I wonder if it can apply
any stores u know?no online stores pls.
All glass is reflective and transparent. You can do it by putting the glass at a 45° angle to the incident light.