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Is this a fire hydrant? Can I park here?
dont these are great i will never be with out a pair of them, even after i do not need them for work.
Hey everyone how was your christmas? So did anyone do anything special. I went to my church at around midnight and helped make of 30+ baskets for the children's hospital. Then went fell asleep and the opened presents what did you all getI got:stereo head phonesbamboo funWiiWii sportsenglish riding bootsboot dryers xDone of those easy brownie cooking pansa new moon calendera cullen crest key chaina coffee cup with my name on itand harry potter box set DvD
they always have something on sale cheap
Can you still make a dry ice using an expired fire extinguisher? What to do? I did it once but what i saw is only powder. Can I make a dry ice out of the fire extinguisher powder? Do i have to tilt it so the remaining liquid will enter the nozzle?
I DONT like Shell- way too much wind noise! I like MX or MAX I cant quite tell, because the M and X ar separated by a drawing of a head which could stand for an A, an O, or who knows what- but that's a great, snug, full face helmet with minimal wind noise. I kind of doubt that helmets would come with stereo, considering it is illegal to drive a motorcycle with headsets on hence the radios that blast from the panel louder than the sound of the bike itself and everyone around you gets to hear it Speaking of helmets- do you know where I can get tint-film for my visor? Added: Well in Florida, where I live, it IS illegal. And I DO listen to traffic all the safer for me; if you don't think you ought to, fine
Where would you go and what would you do?
Could you believe how unimpressive she looked in that clip, saying Juan Williams should share it with his psychologist? She was his bosses boss? That is amazing to me that someone so idiotic sounding would be in a position of power at the once-great NPR. Vivian Schilling should be the one fired, not Juan Williams. He and Alan Colmes are intellectually honest and principled liberals, worthy of Fox. At Fox there is plenty of room for good honest journalists like them.
Statements: All the locks are keys. All the keys are bats. Some watches are bats.Conclusions:Some bats are locks.Some watches are keys.All the keys are locks.Which of those statements follows from the initial syllogism?
Roman Reigns might be the next person to be the guy of the WWE. Seth Rollins' career will be similar to CM Punk's and Dean Ambrose will stay in the midcard. Those are my predictions.
Is the body sticker better than the reflective film?
Decorative, mainly for small cars, used to increase the personality of vehiclesDecorative inkjet type, mainly applicable to a variety of vehicles, generally spray some of the vehicles logo, advertising.
Last October, I was fired from a small botique for supposedly stealing something. I was told over the phone, and didn't really get a chance to explain myself thoroughly. I never recieved my last pay check either. I most certainly didn't steal the dress (it was two sizes too big for me, common now) but was fired becuase one of the other girls said I did it. Everytime I think about it, I get really upset. My confidence was pretty ruined by this experience, not to mention I was out of a job. Do you think emotional distress and being fired under false pretenses (is that what you call it?) without recieving my last paycheck is grounds for a law suit?
They will be fine since they're babys. If both male, when older they may try to fight for territory. But females are usually fine together, but I have been told that 2 males will also do fine. I had 2 females and they slept together to. Never had a male cornsnake, but for now they'll be fine. You would have to ask someone if males fight for territory.
What were the cultural Aspects of the Great Depression in the USA?
I'm familiar with the concept of not seeing the speed bump and flying over it but, I've never been on a ride that would come close to that feeling at an amusement park..