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Weare the largest aluminum profile manufacture in China which specializing in industry aluminum profile. If you need some products,please feel free to send us the drawings or samples, we will supply you the good qualitywith best price, and we will serve you all the time.

The detail descriptions ofaluminum profile as bellowing:


Alloy  Aluminum 2xxx series, 6xxx series,7xxx series or customer nominated





According to the drawings


Not  more than 12 meters

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Q:Chemical composition of aluminium rods
Aluminum Al: marginSilicon Si:0.20 ~ 0.60Copper Cu:0.10Magnesium Mg:0.45 ~ 0.9Zinc Zn:0.10Manganese Mn:0.10Titanium Ti:0.10Chromium Cr:0.10Iron Fe:0.35
Q:30mm aluminum rod lathe cutting, blade 3mm, cut end face, how to avoid sticking knife?
Cut it off with G75! For some small engagement. You can also use hand wheel or single step cutting. Cut back cut out, so you can avoid sticking to the knife. Open the cutting fluid if you can.G75 RG75, X, Z, P, Q, RX and Z indicate the end point coordinatesThe R of the first row represents the X axis radial retractP represents the feed amount of the X axisQ represents the feed amount of the Z axisR indicates axial Z axial retract
Q:6061 aluminum rod representative use
Five, printing aluminum mainly used for making PS version, aluminum based PS version of the printing industry is a new type of material used in automatic plate making and printing. Aluminum Alloy basic status code: F free state for processing in the molding process, work hardening and heat treatment conditions for the special requirements of the product, the mechanical properties of the products are not specified (not common) O which is suitable for processing products in the annealed state completely annealing was the lowest strength (occasional) H hardening the State applies to improve the strength of the product through the hardening product in hardening after after (or not after) additional heat treatment. The strength decreased (the general non material heat treatment) W solid solution heat treatment state of an unstable state, only suitable for the solid solution after heat treatment. During natural aging at room temperature, the state code said only products in the natural aging stage (not common) T heat treatment (F, O, H in different states) for heat After work, the product is stabilized by (or without) working hardening. T code must be followed by one or more Arabia digital (usually heat treatment reinforced material), our common non heat treatment reinforced aluminum alloy behind the status code is usually the letter H plus two digits. Such as 1100 H14. The following brief describes the meaning of the following status code content. The letter H is followed by two digits: the first number indicates the method of work hardening.
Q:Why would the stick saw be cut in the aluminum bar?
Welcome to consult Feng rui1 tool, Feng rui1 was happy to answer for you.
Q:How to refine the crystallization of cast aluminium bars
Thus, the grain size of the alloy decreases by two times, and the grain boundary area increases twice as much. The impurity content in the unit area of the grain boundary will be reduced by one time.
Q:Why does the aluminum bar stick to the saw blade 10?
If you are using the saws, suggest you with less teeth, the chip point is not easy to stick teeth, or the front edge of the saw blade sharpening, improve the front edge of the finish, also have the effect of different approaches but equally satisfactory results. I have a lot of customers is to cut aluminum bar, how each of the the phenomenon of ah.
Q:Guangzhou 928 CNC wireless cycle three times how to program?.
The car thread does not do temporary parking until the end of the parking period, according to a single paragraph stop
Q:I need aluminum bar, heating furnace, melting furnace and other extrusion equipment
Aluminum bar heating furnace extrusion machine equipment, aluminum bar heating furnace for melting solid aluminum bar heating furnace, heating (temperature of more than 500 degrees, a few hours), long time and large energy consumption, heating medium to consider the current source and combustion value, the insulation performance of the furnace. The furnace furnace is aluminum processing factory to be the few Extruders equipment not used or not cost-effective.
Q:What coolant does the aluminum bar drill with?
It has the characteristics of stable emulsion, no peculiar smell and long service life. It is suitable for data machine tools, CNC lathes and CNC machining centers.
Q:Why is the 6063 aluminum bar not shiny?
The aluminum rod surface is oxidized, polished aluminum, light, in the air will be oxidized, luster degree decreased gradually. In the liquid oxidation method can uniformly, forming a layer of aluminum oxide protective film. After processing or a layer of wax or varnish to protect.

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