AA1xxx Mill-Finished C.C Aluminum Sheets Used for Construction

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Grade: 1000 Series Surface Treatment: Mill Finish Shape: Flat
Temper: Half Hard Application: Decorations

Product Description:

1.Structure of AA1xxx Mill-Finished C.C Aluminum Sheets Used for Construction Description

AA1xxx Mill-Finished C.C Aluminum Sheets Used for Construction Description is cut from aluminum coils 1xxx. The aluminum content of aluminum sheets 1xxx C.C quality is 99% at least. It has great ductility, heat conductivity, anti-corrosion and moisture resistance properties.

AA1xxx Mill-Finished C.C Aluminum Sheets Used for Construction is widely used for electronics, instruments, lighting decoration, packing industry, house decoration, curtain wall, honeycomb-core panel, sandwich panel, aluminum composite panel and aluminum composite pipes.

2.Main Features of AA1xxx Mill-Finished C.C Aluminum Sheets Used for Construction

•    Superior quality of raw material

•    Reasonable and stable chemical composition

•    Accurate tolerance

•    Goode mechanical property

3.AA1xxx Mill-Finished C.C Aluminum Sheets Used for Construction Images 

AA1xxx Mill-Finished C.C Aluminum Sheets Used for Construction

AA1xxx Mill-Finished C.C Aluminum Sheets Used for Construction

AA1xxx Mill-Finished C.C Aluminum Sheets Used for Construction

4.AA1xxx Mill-Finished C.C Aluminum Sheets Used for Construction Specification




H14,     H16, H18, H22, H24, H26, H32, O/F


0.2mm     -- 100mm


30mm     -- 1700mm


GB/T     3880-2006,EN,ASTM,JIS

5. FAQ of AA1xxx Mill-Finished C.C Aluminum Sheets Used for Construction

A.How to guarantee the quality?

Customers are welcome to our mill to visit and check the products. Besides, we can arrange a third party to test AA1xxx Mill-Finished C.C Aluminum Sheets Used for Construction.

B.When will you deliver the products?

AA1xxx Mill-Finished C.C Aluminum Sheets Used for Construction will be delivered within 35 days after receiving advanced payment or original L/C.

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Q:What is the difference between the price of aluminum ingot and the price of aluminum bar?
GB aluminum rod, generally in the aluminum ingot spot price based on a few hundred dollars, plus energy costs, losses, silicon, magnesium and other accessories fees, labor and so on. Non standard aluminum rod production scrap, the price is cheaper, but it is also the main reference aluminum spot price pricing.
Q:Some of the extruded aluminum materials become waste, and then from the new processing into aluminum rods, shipped back extrusion aluminum, how do accounting entries?
Outsourcing:Processing materials by entrustmentLoan raw materialPayment of processing fees:Processing materials by entrustmentTax payable - VAT - inputLoan bank depositTake back:Borrow raw materialsEntrusted processing materials
Q:Chemical composition of aluminium rods
Aluminum Al: marginSilicon Si:0.20 ~ 0.60Copper Cu:0.10Magnesium Mg:0.45 ~ 0.9Zinc Zn:0.10Manganese Mn:0.10Titanium Ti:0.10Chromium Cr:0.10Iron Fe:0.35
Q:Why should two two iron bars and two aluminum rods be used in a water heater?
Iron is used to dissolve iron ions into water, so that the water appears to be of different colors.Aluminum is used to coagulate and cause flocculation and turbidity in the water.
Q:6061-T6 hardness of 6061 aluminum bar, now what price is there anyone knows?
6061 is a deformed aluminum alloy material grade, T6 refers to the aluminum alloy heat treatment state, T6 means that aluminum alloy by solid solution heat treatment and artificial aging, aluminum alloy T6 state hardness is the highest.
Q:The temperature of the one meter aluminum bar rises by 1 degrees and how many degrees
Once the need to absorb 4200 Joule heat per liter of water increased, the 1 card is about 4.2 joules, so it needs 1000 cards; the specific heat capacity of water is 4.2 x 10 fand J/ (kg C) calculation formula of Q=cm delta T Q said C M said the specific heat capacity of heat temperature change Q delta T quality of absorption of =cm (t-t0) Q t said at the end of the heat absorption temperature and initial temperature of Q =cm t0 (t0-t.
Q:How much control of aluminium rod refining temperature?
It depends on the requirements of your equipment (imported or domestic) and refining the main function of control, there is a guarantee to improve the quality of continuous casting measures, such as the need of EMBR EMS mold expert system, all your requirements are not the same, the price difference is certainly much worse, I suggest you can design consulting institute the relevant information related to go directly to.
Q:Can 50 mm aluminum bars be opened with a punch?
If you are required to do it on the press, you need to do the die fixing bar, move around and make a knife
Q:How do we cast the 7 series aluminum bars?
Casting technology, please sign up for the casting order network7000 series aluminum bars belong to the aviation series, aluminum, magnesium, zinc and copper alloy, is a heat treatable alloy, belonging to ultra hard aluminum alloy, has good wear resistance.
Q:I need aluminum bar, heating furnace, melting furnace and other extrusion equipment
Aluminum bar heating furnace extrusion machine equipment, aluminum bar heating furnace for melting solid aluminum bar heating furnace, heating (temperature of more than 500 degrees, a few hours), long time and large energy consumption, heating medium to consider the current source and combustion value, the insulation performance of the furnace. The furnace furnace is aluminum processing factory to be the few Extruders equipment not used or not cost-effective.

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