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Weare the largest aluminum profile manufacture in China which specializing in industry aluminum profile. If you need some products,please feel free to send us the drawings or samples, we will supply you the good qualitywith best price, and we will serve you all the time.

The detail descriptions ofaluminum profile as bellowing:


Alloy  Aluminum1xxx series, 2xxx series, 6xxx series,7xxx series or customer nominated





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Not  more than 12 meters

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Q:Is the elongation of aluminum bars related to the diameter?
The elongation rate (delta) is described, elongation and section shrinkage index psi plastic properties. Elongation is the percentage of the total deformation L of the gauge section and the ratio of the original distance to the length L after the tensile fracture of the specimen.
Q:What's the effect of manganese in 3003 aluminium bars?
Adding manganese into aluminum to obtain aluminum manganese system antirust aluminum. This kind of antirust aluminum has high corrosion resistance and its strength is much higher than that of pure aluminum. Therefore, the service life of antirust aluminum products is several times longer than that of pure aluminum products.
Q:When an aluminum bar and an iron bar are inserted into the water to conduct electricity, are there any floating objects? Why?
1. different weight: iron density 7.8, aluminum is 2.7, more than two times the 2. magnet iron identification, will be attracted, not a test of 3. aluminum, iron hardness, hardness of aluminum, so the metal powder file when forced down into 4. different files in dilute hydrochloric acid, can put Ying the iron, a small change is 5. aluminum powder with charcoal calcined, first soft aluminum
Q:6063 how many degrees does the extruded aluminum bar need to be heated?
Now die-casting aluminum process according to material size, with electric furnace heating to 600-700 degrees. Small material high temperature heating, aniseed low, or too soft, not easy to move.
Q:Which material is hard, 7075 aluminum bar or 6065 aluminum bar?
The hardness of 7075 aluminum bars is higher than 6065 aluminum bars
Q:Take a look at the HS code for this product, raw material: aluminum bar, used for support
There is a pure aluminum or aluminum alloy:Pure aluminum: 7604101000 tariff rate 5%Aluminum alloy: 7604291091, section perimeter, etc. / greater than 210 mm 5%7604291099 the circumference of the section is less than 210 mm 5%
Q:What are the specifications of aluminum bars?
Kunshan long hair aluminum mainly engaged in various specifications of aluminum bars, profiles, if necessary, please feel free to mail
Q:Aluminum bar furnace to the temperature does not cease fire, what's the matter?
Abnormal judgement and basic maintenance of aluminium rod furnace temperature control instrument:1, to determine whether the normal temperature control instrument, at the time of heating will lower the temperature to the temperature control table, to see whether the burning burning machine, to check whether the normal temperature table, under heating condition, the lower the temperature to the temperature below the temperature, and then look at the burner is not in combustion, if not that there was no abnormal combustion temperature table, otherwise please repair personnel to repair.  2, regular temperature table surface dust wipe clean, do not let the thermostat with water or other stolen goods. Check thermocouples regularly to see if there is any abnormality.
Q:Aluminum rods saw out of aluminum slag, 1 tons can dissolve how many aluminum ingots, dissolved aluminum ingot what equipment, tools?
Look at the size of aluminum slag, recycling saw a high rate of fines on the small saw.50-70% lower yield no problem.
Q:What kind of milling cutter will be used for slotting the aluminum bar?
Is it efficient to use saw cutters? We use the vibrating plate to cut the material on an automatic machine. How many can we do in a minute?Chasing the answerThe efficiency is quite high. By the way, do you want the bottom of the groove flat or recessed? If you want to go in, you must use R2's convex semicircle cutter.

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