AA3xxx Mill-Finished C.C Aluminum Sheets Used for Construction

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Grade: 3000 Series Surface Treatment: Mill Finish Shape: Flat
Temper: Half Hard Application: Decorations

Product Description:

1.Structure of AA3xxx Mill-Finished Aluminum Sheets Used for Construction Description

AA3xxx Mill-Finished Aluminum Sheets Used for Constructionis one semi-finished aluminium material. This strip can be rolled down to aluminium coil,sheet,circle ect.  The alloy AA1050 is widly used in building, industry ect. Its weight is much lower than steel. So many customers choosed aluminium material instead of steel.

2.Main Features of AA3xxx Mill-Finished Aluminum Sheets Used for Construction

a.excellent quality,good credit;competitive price,comfortable service;Samples for free

b.fast delivery,small order accepted;Good rust resistance

c.We can control the delivery time within 35 days.

3.AA3xxx Mill-Finished Aluminum Sheets Used for Construction Images 

AA3xxx Mill-Finished C.C Aluminum Sheets Used for Construction

AA3xxx Mill-Finished C.C Aluminum Sheets Used for Construction

AA3xxx Mill-Finished C.C Aluminum Sheets Used for Construction

4.AA3xxx Mill-Finished Aluminum Sheets Used for Construction Specification


AA3xxx   (AA3003 etc)


H14,     H16, H18, H22


0.2mm     -- 100mm


30mm     -- 1700mm


GB/T     3880-2006,EN,ASTM,JIS

5. FAQ of AA3xxx Mill-Finished Aluminum Sheets Used for Construction

What is the quality standard?

---Usually our standard is GB3880-2006

What is the largest width?

---It is 2300mm

What is the MOQ?

---Usually we can accept 80 tons.

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Q:What grade of aluminum rod can be machined to teach high surface finish?
I think no aluminum rod can be said produced higher smoothness, because will be machined out of aluminum oxidation in the air so that the finish grade did not say out of aluminum rod processing would have been good, all aluminum rods are the same as long as the feed and speed the car out of the car with the pin depth finish is very good. I think 6061-T1 made a very bright finish of our company is to use a medium grade finish up to 2
Q:Why does the aluminum bar stick to the saw blade 10?
Add:If you cut the aluminum bar, the cutting surface needs to be higherIt is recommended to buy better alloy saw bladesJapan and big room, and Italy Rui invincible, Germany AKEDomestic made lions and so onGenerally good alloy saw blade 500mm diameter is 1000-1800So in the case of non essential advice to buy high-speed hacksaw blade
Q:How to deal with the burning of 6061 aluminum bars in hard oxidation?
This is because the anodic oxidation process can not effectively heat dissipation, resulting in severe overheating. At first, the burning is localized.
Q:1060 pure aluminum rods, how to process hardness?
Hardness, HB, is generally referred to as Brinell hardness in the mechanical industry". Brinell hardness measurement method is to use a hardened steel ball, such as the diameter of 5 mm steel ball, with a certain force into the parts or material surface, and then measure the indentation size, read the hardness value.
Q:Can 50 mm aluminum bars be opened with a punch?
If it is 8 of the thickness, it will be difficult to use the press.
Q:Why would the stick saw be cut in the aluminum bar?
In the cutting process of aluminum bar or aluminum plate, the phenomenon of sticking aluminum on the saw plate is often occurred, which is why?In the cutting process of aluminum and aluminum rod, aluminum and aluminum rod because its weight is relatively large, in the cutting process in the open section will return to the middle of contraction, this will produce a large amount of heat and friction plate sawing aluminum rod and aluminum, high temperature melting aluminum will stick in the saw plate, such as cutting fruit the lubricating oil is not well, often saw card, machine equipment will be suspended.
Q:Aluminum rod 1060-h14 physical test standard
GB/T 3191-2010 aluminium and aluminium alloy extruded barsThis standard specifies the general industrial aluminum and Aluminum Alloy extrusion (hereinafter referred to as the bar) test method requirements, inspection rules and signs, packaging, transportation, storage and quality certificate and contract (or order). This standard is applicable to the cross section of rod ring (hereinafter referred to as the best day) a square cross section, the bar (hereinafter referred to as the square bar) and bar section is hexagonal (hereinafter referred to as the six angle bar).
Q:Hello, I would like to know, as long as the national standard of aluminum rods can do the solar frame?
You use a gray border. It should be powder spray or fluorocarbon spray.
Q:What are the elements of the national standard aluminum rod 6063t5?
6063 aluminum rod is a low alloying Al-Mg-Si system high plasticity alloyHas many valuable characteristics:Heat treatment strengthening, high impact toughness, is not sensitive to defectsHave excellent thermoplastic, can be squeezed into a high-speed complex structure. The hollow thin wall. Various profiles or forged into the complex structure of the forging, quenching temperature range, the quenching sensitivity is low, extrusion and forging after stripping, as long as the temperature is higher than the quenching temperature.
Q:The difference between aluminium bars 6061a and 6061
If the use of pure aluminum packaging is still able to maintain the effect.

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