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Aluminium alloys with a wide range of properties are used in engineering structures. Alloy systems are classified by a number system (ANSI) or by names indicating their main alloying constituents (DIN and ISO).

The strength and durability of aluminium alloys vary widely, not only as a result of the components of the specific alloy, but also as a result of heat treatments and manufacturing processes. A lack of knowledge of these aspects has from time to time led to improperly designed structures and gained aluminium a bad reputation.

One important structural limitation of aluminium alloys is their fatigue strength. Unlike steels, aluminium alloys have no well-defined fatigue limit, meaning that fatigue failure eventually occurs, under even very small cyclic loadings. This implies that engineers must assess these loads and design for a fixed life rather than an infinite life.

Another important property of aluminium alloys is their sensitivity to heat. Workshop procedures involving heating are complicated by the fact that aluminium, unlike steel, melts without first glowing red. Forming operations where a blow torch is used therefore require some expertise, since no visual signs reveal how close the material is to melting. Aluminium alloys, like all structural alloys, also are subject to internal stresses following heating operations such as welding and casting. The problem with aluminium alloys in this regard is their low melting point, which make them more susceptible to distortions from thermally induced stress relief. Controlled stress relief can be done during manufacturing by heat-treating the parts in an oven, followed by gradual cooling—in effect annealing the stresses.

The low melting point of aluminium alloys has not precluded their use in rocketry; even for use in constructing combustion chambers where gases can reach 3500 K. The Agena upper stage engine used a regeneratively cooled aluminium design for some parts of the nozzle, including the thermally critical throat region.

Another alloy of some value is aluminium bronze (Cu-Al alloy).

Aluminium foil acts as a total barrier to light and oxygen (which cause fats to oxidise or become rancid), odours and flavours, moistness, and germs, it is used broadly in food and pharmaceutical packaging. The purpose of aluminium is to make long-life packs (aseptic processing|aseptic packaging) for drinks and dairy goods, which allows storing without refrigeration. Aluminium foil containers and trays are used to bake pies and to pack takeaway meals, ready snacks and long life pet foods.

Aluminium foil is widely sold into the consumer market, often in rolls of 500 mm (20 in) width and several metres in length.It is used for wrapping food in order to preserve it, for example, when storing leftover food in a refrigerator (where it serves the additional purpose of preventing odour exchange), when taking sandwiches on a journey, or when selling some kinds of take-away or fast food. Tex-Mex restaurants in the United States, for example, typically provide take-away burritos wrapped in aluminium foil.

Aluminium foils thicker than 25 μm (1 mil) are impermeable to oxygen and water. Foils thinner than this become slightly permeable due to minute pinholes caused by the production process.

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Q:What is the difference between the price of aluminum ingot and the price of aluminum bar?
GB aluminum rod, generally in the aluminum ingot spot price based on a few hundred dollars, plus energy costs, losses, silicon, magnesium and other accessories fees, labor and so on. Non standard aluminum rod production scrap, the price is cheaper, but it is also the main reference aluminum spot price pricing.
Q:A2011-t3 aluminum bar is what kind of material, processing performance?
A2011-T3 aluminum alloy bars are wrought aluminium and aluminium alloy in the United states. The alloy element is copper, which is a kind of free cutting alloy containing trace lead and bismuth.
Q:Introduction of 6061 aluminium bar
If a certain amount of manganese and chromium, can neutralize the bad effect of iron; sometimes add a small amount of copper or zinc, to improve the strength of the alloy, and the corrosion resistance decreased significantly;
Q:Negative effects of zinc on aluminum bars
The equilibrium phase diagram of Al-Zn alloy shows that the solubility of zinc in aluminium is 31.6%, while the solubility of aluminum decreases to 5.6% at 125 when the rich aluminum fraction reaches 275.When zinc is added to aluminum alone, the strength of aluminum alloy increases very much under the condition of deformation, and the tendency of stress corrosion cracking exists at the same time, which limits its application.The addition of zinc and magnesium to aluminum forms a strengthening phase, Mg/Zn2, which has an obvious strengthening effect on the alloy.
Q:Application of aluminium bars
Q:How to break the tooth of woodworking saw blade for cutting aluminum rod
Aluminum alloy saw blade used for cutting aluminumYou cut the aluminum with a woodworking saw blade, and their teeth will damage you in a different wayFor cutting aluminum, buy professional saw blades
Q:How to calculate the length of aluminium alloy by extrusion machine?
Extrusion = (actual length / upsetting coefficient excess pressure) * extrusion coefficientExtrusion factor = extrusion barrel area / finished cross section areaMaterial length = number of nodes x fixed lengthEnd = extrusion lengthBar length = ((number of nodes x fixed length + cut end) / extrusion coefficient + residual pressure) * upsetting coefficient
Q:How large aluminum bars are used in 3600T aluminum extrusion machines?
The diameter of the ingot is generally reduced by 10mm according to the diameter of the extrusion barrel. The diameter of the ingot is basically 300mm and the longest casting rod is 1300mm
Q:Aluminum stick, 6351-t6? What do you mean?
6351 refers to the 6 series of aluminum alloy, and T6 refers to the heat treatment method.
Q:A man standing on an aluminum ladder and hitting a high tension wire with aluminum bars, will he be in danger?
If the foot is an aluminum ladder, line to touch 0.4kV voltage or zero line is not electrified, but if it is hit more than 1kV high voltage, is dangerous, the basic insulation aluminum ladder has no effect on high voltage, if to touch the high voltage and high voltage is equal to the to the earth to form a loop, this is very dangerous.

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