Lightning Rod

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Quick Details of Lightning Rod:

Discharge Capacity:  200kA(10/350us)

Amplitude Damping Radio:  ≥70

Gradient Damping Multiplying Radio:  ≥48 

Time of Activate in Advance:  60μs 

Currents Limiting Impedance Value:  ≤ 3Ω 

Earthing Resistance:  ≤ 10Ω 

Wind Load:  ≤ 36m/s 

Weight:  7.5kg 

Height:  0.6m 


Specifications of Lighting Rod:

It has a double early streamer emission device:

·An early streamer device

·An electro atmospheric condenser


·Main structure made of stainless steel.

·Deflector set made of resine.


The Technical Parameters of  Lightning Rod:

























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Packaging Detail:According to you requests

Delivery Detail: Within 7 days

 The Lightning Rod


 Lightning of Rod Package


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Q:What are the requirements of roof railings as lightning belts?
There is no need to set up a lightning rod unless the location of the building is at the top of the surrounding building.
Q:How to protect lightning from lightning?
The thunderstorm period is best not to ride a horse, ride a bicycle or a motorcycle; do not carry metal objects in outdoor walking; in the open field, don't be the tip; not to close any part of the lightning protection equipment.
Q:What are the materials used for lightning rods?
Lightning rod can be used according to the use of bad conditions, galvanized steel, copper, electroplating copper, stainless steel, aluminum and so on.
Q:Why don't the street lights do lightning protection design?
The probability of lightning is very small general street lamp, street lamp, as the name suggests, most are arranged on both sides of the street, the road on both sides of the buildings or trees are higher than the street. Therefore, the possibility of direct street lighting is extremely lowHowever, in extreme cases, street lightning is possible, longkingbb's argument is justified.
Q:Does the solar power press the lightning rod?
The solar energy doesn't need to be pressed by lightning rod.
Q:How to give the house lightning protection against lightning?
During a thunderstorm, should pay attention to shut the doors and windows, to prevent thunder and lightning invading the ball.In thunderstorms, it is better to cut off the power supply of household appliances and unplug the power supply; do not use radios and TV sets with an external antenna; do not connect with fixed telephones.
Q:High operating cabinet cabinet lightning arrester can live out
An electrical appliance used to protect electrical equipment from high transient overvoltage hazards and limit freewheeling time and often limit continued flow. This term contains any external clearances necessary for the normal functioning of the appliance when it is running, regardless of whether it is a part of the whole.
Q:Is there a lightning rod and does it turn off when it thunders?
When the thunder, lightning through some communication lines or power lines to the terminal, if the voltage is too high, also not be the regulator. Thunder can not open the computer, is to prevent lightning, this everyone knows. Badly burned cards, especially ADSL cats, and even computer hosts and monitors. So, not only can not play computer thunder, but also unplug the cable.
Q:How about the protection range of lightning rod?
The calculation of the protection area in the ground and the calculation of the single needle protection range; in the actual work, most lightning protection projects require the lightning rod to be located on the roof of the L. Therefore, many people use the formula, regardless of the circumstances, the roof as a ground to calculate, which is not in accordance with the principle of rolling ball. The method of using the roof as a ground to calculate the protective range of the lightning rod is conditional and detailed in various specifications. The author for many years is based on the actual situation of the scene, flexible use of rolling method principle, simple and do not need to remember formula method to calculate the protection range of lightning rod. The following example: the calculation of the protection range of the 2 Radar Station Lightning receiver, the radar tower is round, the radar radome is 83.2m high, and the three lightning rod is installed at the top of the three support columns. Two types of lightning protection building, roll radius HR is 45m. Because of the high building more than HR, so the tower must adopt sideflash proof measures. For the protection of radar antenna, as long as the protection range of the lightning rod on the top and side of the radome can be calculated, the purpose of protection can be achieved.
Q:Why did ray hit the lightning rod?
In a thunderstorm, building over charged clouds, thunder and needle are at the top of the tall building on a large number of induction charge, due to lightning needle is pointed, and the electrostatic induction, the tip conductor always gathered the most charge. So, the lightning rod gathered most of the charge.
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