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Scientific structural design; simple operation; precise customization; reducing cost; easy to grasp brick bricks by separating brick joints. This product is suitable for solid bricks, porous bricks, hollow bricks, and other brick types. This product has a high degree of intelligence and is easy to operate.

When the blank cutting machine pushes the cut bricks onto the blanking board, the banking system works, driving the blanking board to open and slitting the bricks. After clamping the blanks, the chuck clamps work to clamp the bricks, and then the chuck is lifted to a predetermined height by the lifting cylinder. After the action is completed, the kiln car turns to 90°, then the lifting cylinder is lowered to the predetermined height of blank placement, the chuck clamp is opened to stack the brick blanks on the kiln car, and the blank stacker completes a process of automatically stacking brick blanks. To complete all the blank stacking work of the kiln car, these functions of the blank stacking machine are centrally controlled by electrical appliances, and the operator only needs to start the corresponding operation program to realize automatic operation.

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Heat treatment conditions, there is no heat treatment conditions and no heat treatment conditions of the election of different materials; the weight requirements, often mentioned in the hands of the parts require light, to meet the mechanical strength conditions can choose a small proportion of material, life requirements
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You record a loss: Say you sell PPE for $5 but book value is $13 (say you bought it for $20 and have accumulated depreciation of $7). You would record: Cash $5 Acc Dep $7 ______Loss on Sale of PPE $8 ______PPE $20 This loss decreases your net income and also shows up as an add-back in your statement of cash flows from operations.
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You Email me if you have any questions.
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