Cutting and Transporting Equipment---Automatic System for Cutting Strips and Bricks

Xi'an Research and Design Institute of Wall & Roof Materials Co,.Ltd.
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Product Description:






Maximum section of columnwidth x height

Match with extruder

Strip length


1280-3050mmAccording to different models

maximum cutting speed

40m/mindistance of run 350

24m/mindistance of run 600

20 times/minAccording to different models

17 times/minAccording to different models

Cutting table height


Device Dimensions




total power


9-16.5kwAccording to different models

9-16.5kwAccording to different models

Note: Use with extruder.


Product description:

It consists of automatic vertical slitting machine, automatic vertical brick cutting machine, grouping conveyor, pusher and servo bricking machine. All use servo motor as power source and PLC control to realize automatic production of the whole line. New integrated wire hanging device, fast adjustment, reduce wire breakage, short spring automatic brake, clutch system, no motor frequent start, extended service life, quick transition between primary and secondary pushing modes (some accessories need to be replaced). Feeding belt and roller table are optional. The belt tabletop feeds the billet to reduce the damage of the billet bottom and the impact deformation of the mud head. The servo motor can be selected to push the billet, and the intermediate stop of the billet is simpler, and the power is strong and no impact.

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