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Product Description:

Picture1 and Picture2--Product performance:

Special press with single, double, and four-column. When changing brick types such as hollow bricks and thermal insulation blocks, the conversion of the bricks is convenient. The simple new powerful drive structure replaces the complex RV reducer to achieve a new height of load capacity and durability. It is suitable to produce multi-variety bricks and blocks and has the advantages of flexible brick conversion and low cost and can meet the medium and high output.




vertical articulation



load mass




Maximum working radius




Body weight


Average power consumption




Depending on the running attitude, some attitudes may not reach the maximum speed of each axis.

Picture2--Robotic hand stacks bricks


Picture3--Stacking Bricks Machine

Product performance:

High-speed, high-efficiency, stable and reliable, simple operation, and convenient maintenance. It can operate a variety of brick types, change a set of chucks within 30 minutes, without affecting production; can operate long and short strips, arcs for the top layer, and compression gaps. The product has precise positioning, does not drop bricks, leak bricks, or break bricks; it has a high degree of intelligence and can realize unmanned control of the whole process; standardized spare parts design, easy maintenance, and low cost.

Parameters of Stacking Bricks MachineSome models


Suitable for Kiln Type

Suitable for Sectionm

Capacity Per Hour (Common Brick)

Single Cycle Times


ZWM2.2-2.8 series

Tunnel kiln, rotary kiln


30 thousand



ZWM3.0-4.3 series


50 thousand



ZWM4.4-5.0 series


60 thousand



Double chuck

5.3 above


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