Aluminum foil embossing machine

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Product Description:

1. Parameters

The machine is specially designed for embossed aluminum foil which the thickness is less than 0.1mm, any aluminum foil which the thickness exceed 0.1mm or the other material the rigidness exceed the Aluminum foil are all prohibited.

1. Thickness of Aluminum foil ≤0.1mm

2. The maximun width of foil 1250mm

3. The maximum outer diameter of foil roll 1000mm

Xiamen Guanyu Equipment Mfg, Co., Ltd.

Technique agreement for embossing machine

4. Embossing speed 0~30m/min,(Rating speed:26-30m/min)

5. The maximum length aluminum foil winding 1200m

6. Installed capacity 9Kw

7. Equipment size 3800*2200*1600mm

8. Total weight ~2500Kg

9. Winding quality requirement: equal length on both side, no wave shape, no tower

shape, no perforation, lateral channeling layer tolerance is less than ±1.0mm

10. Normal service life 30,000,000 meters

2. Design parameters

2.1 Unwinding type

1. Structure of main machine:column structure.

2. Unwinding type:scaffolding 6” air shaft unwinding

3. Unwinding correction:adjusting manually

4. Unwinding load-bearing:≤2.5T

5. Unwinding tension:adjusting the rension manually and freely

2.2 Embossing structure type

1. Embossing type:Vertical two facing rollers embossing

2. Roller specification:Φ290*1320

3. Roller materials:carbon steel

4. Roller hardness:≥HRC50

5. Roller surface treatment:Hard chrome plating A10

6. Inner roller treatment:anneal, concoct, process

7. Frame structure:steel structure

8. Roller pattern:customer made

9. Transmission type:Electromagnetic regulating transmission(4kw)

10. Pressure type:manual screw pressing

11. Thickness adjusting:manual screw calibration limit control

2.3 Winding structure type

1. Frame:Steel frame structure

Xiamen Guanyu Equipment Mfg, Co., Ltd.

Technique agreement for embossing machine

2. Winding type:Scaffolding 6” air shaft unwinding

3. Winding power:4kw inverter control

4. Winding tension:Frequency vonversion constant tension control

5. Winding correction :Pneumatic correction

2.4 Others

1.Electrical control:Unwinding-electromagetism particle control, Embossing -electronmagnetism speed control, winding—frequency control

2. Integrate base

3. Cooling water system

4. Fastness type:grounding expansion screw

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