Precast Concrete Hollow Core Slabs Producing Equipment

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Precast Concrete Hollow Core Slabs Producing Equipment


1.   Precast Concrete Hollow Core Slabs Producing Equipment:


Products of this series (non-circular and circular cored) are the ideal machines for making building materials on constructions of large span and heavy load bearing in factories, schools, hospitals, shopping centers, office building and homes.


Our hollow core slab machines have the advantages of reasonable design, easy operation, convenient maintenance and long working life. Slab length can be achieved to 4.2m to 18m; width of 600mm, 900mm and 1200mm; thickness of 120mm, 150mm, 180mm, 200mm, 250mm, 300mm, 380mm.


The hollow core slab machines are working on the long-line table, tensioning the high-strength and low-relaxation steel strand first, and using the pushing work method to form the concrete hollow core slab. The slabs which being formed have the advantages of smooth surface and high-density structure.


 2.   Precast Concrete Hollow Core Slabs Producing Equipment: 


• One machine can make one slab lower cost, high Wear-resistant, long service life.

• In case of quality problem the company provide free replacement.

• Provide technical support for free.

• Provide consumers with regular visits

• Simple structure, easy operate, less wear parts


3.  Precast Concrete Hollow Core Slabs Producing Equipment Images:

Precast Concrete Hollow Core Slabs Producing Equipment

Precast Concrete Hollow Core Slabs Producing Equipment

Precast Concrete Hollow Core Slabs Producing Equipment


4.  Precast Concrete Hollow Core Slabs Producing Equipment Specification:



Aperture & diameter

Number and diameter of wires

Max span

Total power



Max. Load


Overall dimension





11/ peach









8 /peach









8/ peach









6 /peach









8 /rhomb









Production Process


Rebar tensioning

Precast Concrete Hollow Core Slabs Producing Equipment


Raw materials preparing

Precast Concrete Hollow Core Slabs Producing Equipment


Precast Concrete Hollow Core Slabs Producing Equipment 

Our customers

Precast Concrete Hollow Core Slabs Producing Equipment


5. Packing & Delivery


•  Wire cables are used for fastening the machine on the trailer or inside the container.

•  Machine covered with plastic film.

•  Machines can be packed in tarpaulin or wooden case according to customer’s needs.

Precast Concrete Hollow Core Slabs Producing Equipment


6. FAQ:


We have organized several common questions for our clients, may help you sincerely

•  What information we need to confirm with you before send a formal offer?

What kind of slab you want to make, wall panel, roof panel, lintel or something else?

Do you have exact slab size (slab thickness and width)? If not, please tell us the slab span, we will give you suggestion.

•  Have you use this kind of machine before? 

Our machine is totally different from European machine. Please don’t follow their instructions.

•  What kind of machine do you have?

Our main products: large span GLY concrete hollow core slab machine, light - weight wall panel machine, lintel machine, column machine, hollow core slab cutting machine, concrete feeding dumper, high-strength steel wire tensioning machine, which amount to more than the types and more than four hundred standards. We can provide the whole plan and technology supporting for concrete precast component. 


7. Our Service:


•  We supply the technical supporting all the time.

•  We supply one year warranty for whole machine.

•  We supply free quick wear parts. 

•  We supply low charge continue maintenance when warranty is expired.

•  We supply free training to end-users

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