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Can household water purifier purify water really? Can bacteria be purified?
You see what type of air purifier, you have to ask, is not final filtration, reverse osmosis, reverse osmosis water desalination, certainly not easy to breed bacteria, if only to ultrafiltration level, then you'd better drink every day just out of the water, the water for a long time it is easy to breed bacteria, the purifier in mind, only the reverse osmosis water desalination is not bacteria. You can test this is not the reverse osmosis water, take a bottle of water, put under the sun for a few days, green is not pure water desalination, is how the sun is not green.
Water purifier filter water will drink a long time, there is no problem, a little worried
It tastes a bit different. Later asked a lot of people, said the most is the filtered water for a long time, may be lit, there is such a feeling, so the filtered water and tap water, separate time to drink better.
Is the mineral water purified from the purifier pure mineral water?
It depends on whether your purifier is distilled, purified or filtered. If distilled, purified water is pure water
Is the filtered water of pure water filter not nutritious?
The minerals are still there, but the RO reverse osmosis filter comes out with pure water, which contains nothing.
Can the drinking water filters sold in the market achieve the purpose of filtration?
4, reverse osmosis: filter pore size of 0.0001-0.001 microns, typical applications such as reverse osmosis membrane, can filter out ions, basically only water molecules through, but need energy consumption, waste water more;The drinking fountains sold on the market are generally ultra - filtration machines, reverse osmosis machines, ceramic machines, each with its own characteristics, can be purchased according to their own needs:1, the whole house water purification: it is recommended to buy ultra filter machine, low cost, no energy consumption, long service life, purification capacity, after the activated carbon, you can drink straight;2, straight drink: it is recommended to use reverse osmosis machine, but the need for electricity pressure, waste water accounted for 7.
How about the water circulation in the air purifier?
This has not heard, the air purifier has the humidifying function only then needs to add water,
Can the dirty water be filtered out to drink?
Dirty water, what is willing to do, if only solid particles, no chemical pollution, can be sterilized by filtration, drinking. If there is a chemical pollution, it needs to be refined
? What do you think - the tap filter is installed directly on the faucet, or is it better to use a filter dispenser?
The use of similar, Shanghai liters directly install the faucet below, there are filtered drinking water machine