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HANA Heavy-duty coatings originated from newmaterials research in aerospace industry. Test results from the nationalauthorities show that , our products have excellent performance in adhesion,acid, alkali and salt resistance, which are at a worldleading level. It has undertaken stringenttests and already been successfully used in the defense aerospace and heavychemical industry.

The chemical industry is a pillar of the national economy. Chemical industry with a variety of production processes, have various corrosive environments.HAHA chemical industry equipment anti-corrosion coatings are devoted to address corrosion problems in chemical production.We can develop personalized anti-corrosion solutions for customers.Our products are widely used in various chemical manufacturing enterprises, petroleum and petrochemical

machinery equipment, production equipment, various types of reaction tower corrosion and p

etrochemical plant, various types of steel.

Product Features

Excellent weathering performance

Extensive product range

High corrosion resistance

Chemical Equipment Anticorrosion Coating Index

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Q:What is the difference between polymer cement waterproof coating and polymer cement-based waterproof coating?
Polymer cement waterproof coating is a flexible waterproof coating, that is, a waterproof coating. J refers to the polymer, S refers to the cement. So JS is the polymer cement waterproof coating, so also known as JS waterproof coating ("JS" for the "polymer cement" pinyin prefix), is a polyacrylate emulsion, ethylene - vinyl acetate copolymer emulsion and other polymers Emulsion and a variety of additives composed of organic liquid material, and cement, quartz sand, light weight calcium carbonate and other inorganic fillers and various additives made of inorganic powder through a reasonable ratio, the compound made of a two-component, water Building waterproof coating.
Q:Help with paint Copy and paste?
If i flow to photobucket, precise click on the image i admire, opt for replica, then flow to paint and open it and precise click and paste it places it in without issues. the only difference is i'm not utilising CtrlV. attempt this and see if it makes a distinctive to not use Ctrl-V If it nevertheless would not paintings then attempt saving the report on your computing gadget's hard stress and then copying it into paint.
Q:Is it ok to put paint on something that already has paint on?
Hello! For those who really don't need to (or with no trouble are not able to for anything reason)strip the entire old stain off, that you could just sand the desk WITH the grain (follow the grain of the wood) using rather fine sand paper. What you are trying to accomplish is to make the surface porous so the paint will stick to the desk, if you don't, the paint will effectively crack and ultimately chip off. I normally suggest towards painting real timber, 'cuz if you do, that you would be able to under no circumstances get that customary appear again. You could ask anyone at dwelling Depot or Ace Hardware for endorse, they're very informed and willing to reply any questions you've got!! Goooood good fortune!
Q:What are the pigments on the gourd?
0.25 × 40.03 = 0.25 × 40 + 0.25 × 0.03 = 10.0075
Q:Clothes have the taste of the dye, washed a few how to do it?
Wear sprinkle some perfume in the clothes above, so the taste of the dye is not obvious
Q:What is the difference between paint and paint?
A general term for a class of liquid or solid materials that can be applied to the surface of an object to form a solid coating with protective, decorative or special properties such as insulation, corrosion, marking, and so on. Including oil (paint), water-based paint, powder coating. Paint: Organic solvent as a medium or high solids, solvent-free oily paint
Q:What happens when the milk encounters a pigment?
Principle: The density of food pigments is lower than that of milk, so they are suspended in the fat molecules of milk, and the detergent disperses the fat so that they spread on the surface of the milk, and the process continues to make the milk move up and Paint everywhere.
Q:Paint is water-based paint or solvent-based paint?
Mostly solvent-based, but the current market there has been a kind of environmentally friendly water-based wood paint, the price is more expensive, the quality is not clear
Q:Macromolecule Macromolecules, Polymer Polymer and monomer Monomer
The first two mean the same, all refer to the polymer, generally do not make the difference. Monomer is a small molecule of synthetic polymers.
Q:what paint do I use for fiberglass material?
Two pack, or flow coat. Depends on the ground (the surface condition) and what others have done before you as to what precisely you need to do. Coating GRP is normal. Single pack, architectural (house and domestic) and chain store paints are not going to work in a fit for more than a short while at best. In some cases that is fine, but there is no substitute for quality in finishes. And most of the cost of painting is the prep work - why buy cheap paint after all that effort?

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