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Ampoule ISO Standard YBB Standard High Quality

Neutral borosilicate glass is far superior to low borosilicate glass in terms of hydrolitic resistance, acid and alkali resistance, freezing resistance, filling speed,etc. and it is not easy to cause delamination"due to chemical soaking and corrosion. It is an internationally recognized safe pharmaceutical packaging materials.

Ampoule YBB Standard

Ampoule ISO Standard

The converting products workshop of the plant has a 100000-level clean room that meets GMP standards, which provides superior production conditions for the production of glass containers and effectively avoids the impact of dust and bacteria on product cleanliness. The inspection system with 7 cameras and 360 continuously rotating and shooting, to detect the glass container body,mouth, shoulder, bottom,inner diameter,edge blind area and mouth bottom edge, as well the dimension, objects inside the container, cosmetic defects (bubbles, impurities and stones).The unqualified products such as crooked container are automatically eliminated, with a detection accuracy of 0.02mm, which ensures that the quality of the glass containers can reach the domestic YBB standard and the international ISO standard. "Excellence Centre"is a project established by Triumph Group and the world leading pharmaceutical packaging material manufacturer-Stevanato Group(Italy). The goal is to introduce world standard tubular glass containers production technology, technical process and quality standards to the Chinese market and make our company's products to keep up with international top standard.

Nationwide Seven Production Bases to Meet the Customers' needTriumph Junheng Co.,(hereinafter referred to as "Triumph Junheng") is a state-owned andprivate mixed ownership enterprise, Triumph Group of CNBM is the controlling shareholder.It ismainly engaged in the research and development, producing and sales of neutral Borosilicateglass tubing(hereinafter referred to as "Neutral Borosilicate glass tubing") and convertingtubular glass products. It has seven production bases located in Handan, Qingdao, Chongqing,Puyang, Anyang, Nanchang and Zhenjiang, which are expected to produce totally 170,000 tons of glass tubing and 136,000 tons of tubular glass container when they are reach full capacity. It is the first high-tech company which realizes stable mass production of high-quality Neutral borosilicate glass tubing with its "oxygen combustion + electric boosting"melting and Danner Tubing drawing technical process in China. It has leading R&D capabilities in the domestic pharmaceutical glass packaging industry, and can provide professional and personalized solutions of pharmaceutical glass packaging materials for materials for tubular glass converting and pharmaceutical companies.

Triumph Junheng builds a comprehensive research and development center for pharmaceutical neutral borosilicate glass in accordance with CNAS certification specifications. Continuously improve the level of laboratory quality management, minimize product quality risks, and meet the requirements of customers and regulations for the authenticity and reliability of testing/calibration to the greatest extent. The R&D center has a team with 30 people, covering various key technical fields such as raw materials analyzing, batching, melting, forming,and post-processing. The center has a building area of 800 square meters and consists of a precision instrument room, a physics laboratory, a chemical laboratory, a balance room, and a high temperature laboratory., Reagent room, equipped with 30 sets(sets)of R&D equipment such as atomic absorption spectrometer, expansion coefficient meter, and electron microscope. The R&D

center focuses on new technologies, intelligence, low energy consumption, localization and standardization, and actively undertakes national and local R&D projects to continuously achieve new technological breakthroughs.

Companys proucts have passed the Qulity inspection and Testing conducted by the national authoritative inspection agencies: Beijing Pharmaceutical Packaging Materials Inspection Institute and International Third Party Testing Agency-SGS. The product quality is fully in line with EP (European Pharmacopoeia), USP United States Pharmacopoeia),JP (Japanese Pharmacopoeia),According to the standard requirements of ISO12775 and the standard of "Neutral Borosilicate Glass Tubing" with Code YBB0012005-2-2015 approved by The National Food and Drug Administration. The expansion coefficient, boron content and hydrolitic resistance of products all have reached the international advanced level.

Quality Inspection

The international advanced automatic online inspection system has been adopted in the production line, which can automatically eliminate unqualified products with defects of dimension and cosmetic and unaligned ends treatment.

Automatic Packaging System

The automatic packaging system can complete the work of heat-shrinking into bundles and stacking into trays, effectively avoiding cosmetic defects such as scratches and impacting caused

by manual operation, ensuring the fastening of each bundle of products and the neatness of each tray.

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Q:Water glass, ceramics, ordinary cement, quartz glass, what are these chemicals?
The main component of these substances, ceramics, cement, and quartz, is SiO2. In addition, SiO2 is also used to make optical fibers.Elemental silicon is used to make solar panels, chips and other materials
Q:Is glass steel pipe used for re examination?
The basic construction phase: reinforced approach sampling, sample (drawing on the provisions of the various specifications of reinforced earth excavation (), earthwork excavation scheme, technical tests, foundation trench inspection records, batch inspection, inspection, hidden) cushion (hidden, concrete construction inspection group, line records, line technology review), base (reinforced raw materials, test report review, reinforcement, formwork and concrete construction scheme, technical disclosure, concealment, reinforced bar, inspection lot, line records, technical review, concrete concealed, concrete construction inspection group, and with the standard curing conditions and stripping test block), basic brick (program, technical disclosure, in advance. Mix ratio of mortar, concealment, inspection batch, mortar block), the template removal (removal of specimen report report, concealment, inspection batch), backfill (scheme, technical clarification Concealment, inspection, batch, earthwork density test).
Q:What is resin glass fiber reinforced plastic?
Resin is the main raw material of glass fiber reinforced plastics. The so-called FRP is a kind of composite material made of glass fiber reinforced fiber and its products (glass cloth and band) as reinforcing material and chorus resin as matrix
Q:What's the difference between heat resistant glass and tempered / reinforced glass?
Resistance to cold shock resistance, thermal shock test by 120 DEG C, the temperature difference of 200 degrees changes without deformation, has a very low coefficient of thermal expansion, so the anti blast temperature is not easy to deform and explode, has good thermal stability, impact resistance. High chemical stability and mechanical properties.
Q:What is acrylic material?
Acrylic production process;Acrylic sheet according to the production process can be divided into casting and extrusion, better than the properties of casting sheet extrusion, the price is expensive, the plate casting is mainly used for carving, decoration, arts and crafts, extrusion type is usually used for advertising signs, light boxes and other production.
Q:Long plastic soft glass is a food grade raw materials?
No, this is the PVC material processing process, there will be plasticizers, etc., although non-toxic, harmless, but the food grade standards or worse.
Q:Could you tell me that three yuan ethylene propylene (EPDM) rubber can resist ethylene glycol?
Three yuan ethylene propylene rubber is ethylene, propylene and non conjugated diene three yuan copolymer, began commercial production in 1963. The consumption of the whole world is 800 thousand tons every year. The most important feature of EPDM is its superior oxidation resistance, ozone resistance and corrosion resistance. Because three yuan ethylene propylene rubber belongs to polyolefin family, it has excellent curing property. Of all rubbers, EPDM has the lowest specific gravity. It absorbs large amounts of fillers and oils and has little effect on properties. Therefore, rubber compounds with low cost can be made.
Q:What are the raw materials for low dielectric glass fiber?
Glass fiber according to shape and length, can be divided into continuous fiber length, fiber and glass wool; according to the glass component, can be divided into non alkali, chemical resistance, high alkali, alkali, high strength, high elastic modulus and alkali resistant glass fiber etc..The main raw material for the production of glass fiber are: quartz sand, limestone, dolomite, alumina and pyrophyllite, boric acid, sodium carbonate, mirabilite and fluorite etc.. The production methods can be roughly divided into two categories: one is the molten glass directly into the fiber; one is the molten glass into the first 20mm diameter glass ball or rod, in a variety of ways made by heating a diameter of 3 ~ 80 m very fine fiber. An infinitely long fiber drawn from a platinum alloy plate by mechanical wire drawing is called continuous glass fiber, commonly known as long fiber. A discontinuous fiber made from a roller or air flow, called a fixed length glass fiber, commonly referred to as staple. Fine, short, flocculent fibers made from centrifugal force or high velocity air flow, called glass wool. Glass fibers are processed into various shapes, such as yarn, roving, chopped strand, cloth, band, felt, plate, tube, etc..
Q:What is the raw material of glass glue?
The common glass glue equipment are as follows: 1.JMSFYF stainless steel reactor series production 2.JMSNHZ series of glass glue silicone kneading machine series 3.JMSXJB planetary mixer series 4.JMSQLF series 5.JMSDLH series strong dispersion mixer hybrid machine series mainly plastic equipment.
Q:Is the price of glass raw material the biggest proportion of quartz?
The main are: quartz sand. And soda ash.

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