Protective Hat with High quality led flash light

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Packaging & Delivery

Packaging Detail:1unit/polybag/inner box, 20pcs/carton;G.W./N.W.: 18.2KG/15.4KG .
Delivery Detail:within 20 days

Specifications helmet with head lamp led
2.Battery capacity:2500mah
3.discharge time:13-15 hours
4. high quality factory price.

1.Name:safety helmet with head lamp led light ;                                                      

2. Shell material: ABS original ;                                                

3. Max Illumination at 1m:3000-3800lux;  

4. Battery capacity:2500mah;                    

5. discharge time:13-15 hours ;              

6. Discharge current:150-180mah ;

7.Battery recharge life:≥800 cycles ;

8.Charging time: 6 hours/cycle ;              

9. Safety features: Power circuit use PTC microelectronic chip constitute automatic safety circuit and automatic short circuit protection device, in the event of malfunction, can cut off the circuit within 1 ms, and it will automatically switch back to normal when malfunction removed .                                                  

10. Structure feature:Water-proof, integrated,impact-resistant,anti-static,Explosion-proof design, safety and high performance.           11. Intelligent Charge Management: Overcharge and over discharge intelligent protection ;                              

12. Convenient and flexible:Main lamp and sub lamp could be switched freely. Main lamp could blink as contact signal.

13. Packing: 1unit/polybag/inner box, 20pcs/carton;G.W./N.W.: 18.2KG/15.4KG .


Q:What should be checked before using the safety helmet? What should I pay attention to when using?
Because the helmet will gradually damage during use. Therefore, regular inspection, check whether there are cracks, depression, cracks and wear and tear, and found abnormal phenomena should be replaced immediately, no further use. Any damaged or cracked helmet shall be rejected for damage or damage.
Q:What are the two holes in the safety helmet?
The function of ventilationIf you don't have ventilation, you'll be sweaty if you wear a safety helmet for too long,It's uncomfortable, so leave 2 small holes for ventilationSo don't care too much about himThe protective effect is still there.
Q:What color is the safety helmet?! Who are those?
White is the supervision or other personnel of Party ARed is the site management personnel, including construction workers, what the inspector;Blue is a skilled worker, including field electricians, tower cranes, workers and so onYellow is an ordinary worker, a worker of ordinary labor
Q:Use the helmet before you check those parts
Is the cap liner complete and the structure of the hat lining in a normal state?
Q:What's the color of the safety helmet?
Red helmets are usually technical, management or Party A. The crowd with red helmets is relatively complicated, but generally can be divided into two categories: technical personnel and middle and lower managers.
Q:How many years is the life cycle of the helmet?
As a personal head protection product, the helmet can effectively prevent and reduce the injury to the human head when the operator suffers the falling object or falls from the production operation. The safety helmet is composed of a hat shell, a cap lining, a chin belt and a back hoop. Although we can not do without it in our work, the specific method of use may not be fully understood by everyone. Incorrect use and storage will result in the helmet not being able to protect itself when it is hit. According to statistics of the departments concerned, 15% of the accidents caused by falling objects are caused by improper use of helmets.
Q:What are the units of the safety helmet?
Some companies are white, on behalf of managers; yellow means safety supervision; red is the general operator; blue is special operations personnel.
Q:Is the forklift operator required to wear a safety helmet? Is there a standard?
There are no specific rules and standards in this regard, depending on the working environment.
Q:Why can helmets protect against strikes?
Safety cap material is relatively hard, anti impact strength, general plastics, glass steel and PVC three materials, safety helmet, internal cap lining, lining cap buffer space distance safety helmet shell 50-10cm, so when the object hit on the helmet, the shell can resist objects and impact force transfer to the cap lining through the buffer, can play a good role to protect the head
Q:Construction sites, helmets, safety belts and other labor protection products to the general contractor or sub contractor units?
The law clearly stipulates that the general contractor responsible for the site, the labor security activities should be made by each legal subcontracting units responsible for providing. If it is directly to the turnkey unit, the contractor will provide the contractor. Generally, labor insurance products are provided by labor service companies. Turnkey supervision. Team leaders, individuals do not need to purchase separately if the service company does not provide. The workers have the right to respond to the contractor (Project Department) and ask for settlement.

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