high power explosion-proof LED light

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Product Description:

1. Specifications

Explosive gas mixture Zone 1, Zone 2 and IIA, IIB;
Explosive dust mixture Zone 21, Zone 22.
Applied to T1-T6



2. Application


Ex LED Area light was designed specially to offer the lighting system in a variety of Hazardous Area applications like oil & gas industry, chemical industry, marine, oil tanker and offshore platform, both indoor and outdoor.,

Applied to explosive gas mixture Zone 1, Zone 2 and ⅡA, ⅡB;

Applied to explosive dust mixture Zone 21, Zone 22.

Applied to T1-T6.



3. Major functions and features


• Aluminum alloy structure

• PC lens processed by the professional optics design

• Tempered glass clear lamp housing with the features of 4J energy impact resistance and thermal shock resistance.

• Exd structure design to offer more reliable explosion proof quality.

• Independent Exe connection cavity to improve the safety

  Specialized corrosion resistance, vibration resistance and water & dust proof design, both indoor and outdoor application in the harsh conditions

  High duty LED light source to ensure long life operation and superb energy saving.

  Constant current design to guarantee the operation stability.


4. pictures

high power explosion-proof LED light

high power explosion-proof LED light

high power explosion-proof LED light

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Q:Can the LED fluorescent lamp be installed in the explosion-proof lamp to replace the traditional fluorescent tube?
LED and fluorescent tube are two different luminous bodies, and there is no LED fluorescent tube.
Q:How do you charge the LED safety explosion proof lamp?
Individual ones are hidden switch designs. Such LED explosion-proof lamps need to find the exact location, unscrew the corresponding thread, you can find the charging hole. The following is a LONCIN lighting operated an explosion-proof flashlight, this charge hole is sealed. Better waterproof performance.
Q:Overview of explosion proof lamps
According to the scope of dangerous places, we should choose a regular LED explosion-proof lamp for different occasions to choose reasonable classification, explosion-proof lamps, such as factories, it is best to use the LED factory explosion-proof lamp, thus greatly improve the plant's safety, especially the explosion hazard. Therefore, the selection of explosion-proof lamps, we have to proceed in accordance with the actual situation.
Q:Is the common LED lamp explosion-proof? Can it be used in warehouse / dust workshop?
Ordinary LED lamp has no explosion proof function, and explosion proof LED lamps should be installed at explosion proof.
Q:How can the emergency proof lamp be changed at work?
Connection: loosen cover M6 inner six angle bolt, open the lamp cover, unscrew lamp cable clamp nut into the mouth, remove the sealing piece, the power cable through the nut into the lamp internal wiring terminal, the line is connected and fixed, then tighten the cable clamp nut, the front cover of lamp installed.
Q:Can the LED lamp replace the explosion-proof lamp tube in the food shop?
Although many LED manufacturers use aluminum housing for LED lamps, the aluminum shell is easy to heat, elegant in appearance and light in weight.
Q:Explosion proof high efficiency and energy-saving LED lamp price is expensive?
If it is considered such words, try to Jane (secoing) high pressure xenon lamp as a new energy-saving lighting source, under the same power, high pressure xenon lamp than LED but also wide range of lighting, light color is more bright, better color, very suitable for outdoor lighting and high space the indoor lighting, and high pressure xenon lamp light can be controlled at about 5% per year, it is much better than LED.
Q:40 Watt explosion proof lamp holder, can you use 16 watt bulb?
If the explosion-proof lamp holder is 40 Watt ballast, then the 16 watt light tube socket is not common, the lamp can not be installed. If it can be installed, it will be bright, and the tube will burn out soon.
Q:What's the price of the LED explosion-proof emergency lamp?
General on 50, there are hundreds of good
Q:How far is the explosion-proof lamp led200w floodlight?
Although the lighting is essential for the shed, but for the average amateur indoor photography, also can be a good source of lighting effects.

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