High Safety Explosion-proof Light Chemical Plant Gas Station

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Item specifice:

IP Rating: IP66 Color Temperature: 5300~6000K Lamp luminous flux(lm): 2000~18000lm
Body material: Aluminum Alloy Power(W): 20-200W Certification: Exd IIC T6 Gb
Working Temperature(℃): -20~40℃ PF: >0.9 Input voltage(V): 90~305V
CRI (Ra>): >80 Warranty: three years

Product Description:

1   Basic Information

Product: LED Explosion-proof Lamp

Model:GB Series Explosion-proof Lamp

Application:Class II Explosive places

                       oil station, chemical plant and the places which contains   explosive gas

Technical Specification

High Safety Explosion-proof Light Chemical Plant Gas Station

High Safety Explosion-proof Light Chemical Plant Gas Station

Product Features

Professional industrial level l ighting product;

LED light source,  long life-time,  low maintence cost;

Exd IIC T6 Gb explosion-proof level ;

Patented heat dissipation technology; temperature increase on the heat sink<20℃;

Surface temperature <85℃, safer in explosive-proof sites;

Over-temperature, over-voltage and over-current, high reliability;


Integration design, strong and durable.

4  Distribution Curve

Installtion Interface

High Safety Explosion-proof Light Chemical Plant Gas Station

                     Side Mounted 30°                             Side Mounted 90°

High Safety Explosion-proof Light Chemical Plant Gas Station

                                      SuspendPole Mounted

High Safety Explosion-proof Light Chemical Plant Gas Station

               Sidewall Mounted                                   Top Mounted

High Safety Explosion-proof Light Chemical Plant Gas Station

       Guardrail                              Flange

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Q:120W how much is the explosion proof lamp LED at the gas station?
The price of each manufacturer are not the same, because the internal configuration is not the same, it took the lamp you are a few dollars, cheaper a few hairs, the power is the same, how much money you give will be what kind of quality should not be cheap, cheap lamps hang up bad, this is commonplace, just know that not only is cheap doesn't worry, but there is no guarantee of customer service, this time you do not have to look for him, because he is not you,
Q:Can the LED fluorescent lamp be installed in the explosion-proof lamp to replace the traditional fluorescent tube?
1 and LED are the light emitting diodes.2 fluorescent tubes are traditional fluorescent tubes.If you use LED light-emitting tube, of course, can be installed in the explosion-proof lamps to replace the traditional fluorescent tube.
Q:How about Suzhou Gelaipu LED explosion-proof lamp?
The quality must be high, high price, high quality, relatively poor quality, always depends on the manufacturers
Q:What is the working principle of explosion proof working lamp |LED machine tool working light?
Explosive substances: many production sites produce certain flammable substances. About 2/3 of the coal mines have explosive substances. In the chemical industry, more than 80% of the production plants have explosive substances. Oxygen: oxygen in the air is everywhere. Ignition source: a large number of electrical instruments are used in the production process, electrical sparks of all kinds of friction, mechanical wear, sparks, static sparks, high temperatures are unavoidable, especially when the instrument and electrical faults occur. Objectively, many industrial sites meet explosion conditions. When the mixture of explosive substance and oxygen is in the explosive limit, if there is an explosion source, it will explode. Therefore, it is necessary to take explosion protection.
Q:Can the LED bulb be installed in the explosion-proof lamp shade?
The LED light bulb should be installed in the explosion proof lampshade, and LED is a solid-state device without filament, which is more safe than ordinary light bulb
Q:Is the price of the LED explosion-proof light working lamp expensive?
If it is considered such words, try to Jane (secoing) high pressure xenon lamp as a new energy-saving lighting source, under the same power, high pressure xenon lamp than LED but also wide range of lighting, light color is more bright, better color, very suitable for outdoor lighting and high space the indoor lighting, and high pressure xenon lamp light can be controlled at about 5% per year, it is much better than LED.
Q:Explosion proof high efficiency and energy-saving LED lamp price is expensive?
Very suitable for road lighting, tunnel lighting, lighting, lighting, industrial workshop lighting, port park lighting, high pole lighting, energy-saving rate of high effective, high light efficiency, light pollution is small, especially the color performance more than 90Ra,
Q:Because the project bidding needs, now have LED explosion-proof lamp, want to fast certification, can you?
LED explosion-proof lamp belongs to an explosion-proof electrical, general explosion-proof certification has a cycle, a thermal stability test cycle for four weeks, want to quickly through the explosion-proof certification
Q:Is the tube of an explosion proof lamp the same as an ordinary fluorescent lamp?
Our company is the production of explosion-proof lamp, to see the lamp is two feet or one foot, both feet, general, single foot, the market can not buy.
Q:Several explosion proof lamps should be fitted in cold storage
Look at how big your freezer is. If you have a big explosion proof lamp and a small cold storage, you'll only need a normal LED light. Generally speaking, 10 lights should be equipped with a light

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