Promotional Gift Mini LED Torch, Mini Flashlight Torch, Mini LED Flashlight

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General Introduction

Promotional Gift Mini LED Torch, Mini Flashlight Torch, Mini LED Flashlight




2. High quality+competive price 

3. MOQ is 3000PCS (logo customized)

4. Spinning for power generation

5. Controlled by press button, long lifespan

6. Handsome appearance and mini size

7 With strap, convenient to use

8. Luminous circle with Torch



This product adopts 360-degree rotating generator shaft to generate power to charge it’s built-in rechargeable battery. With a press button to control the lighting function.



Max. luminous flux5Lm
Lighting time after 1 minute spinning5Year
The whole unit lifetime5Year
The plastic part lifetime5Year
DC MotorDC 4.5V 7900RPM JFF-N20-08220
Battery capacityNi-Mh 200mAh/3.6V
SizeΦ32 * 113..5MM
Note: Lighting time testing standard is brightness doen to 5% of open time's brightness.


Operation Method

· Charge: Pulling out the torch and swing to charge once LEDs become dim.
· Lighting: press the button to turn on/off light.


· Don’t point at eyes directly so as not to hurt the eyes.
· Don’t put this product in which temperature or humidity is high. Do not drop or hit this product.
· Don’t put this product in sunlight for long time, otherwise the built in chargeable battery will be affected. 
· In order to assure the using life of the battery and the mechanical parts, please pay attention to the instructions below:
  a) When the light is dim, it means the battery is lack of power badly, please charge it immediately. Keep spinning steadily, 3 circles per second is best. Too slowly spinning would          make current weak and influence the charging effeciency.
  b)Please spin it at least 1 minute once a month.
  c)Do not spin it for a long time or too violently.
· We do not give notice again if the parameter of this product changed.
· We reserve final right to interpret this product.


Before Orders

  • If possible, please tell us what's the purpose for using it, so that we can recommend you the best package. Of course with best price to you!

  • Any other request, please feel free to let us know.

  • OEM & ODM service is also avaiable

  • SAMPLES are avaiable before order.


Our Services

1-Customized logo is acceptable
2-Changing the shape, color is acceptable
3-Develop on artwork & development is acceptable
4-Assistant on artwork development is acceptable


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Q:What is the structure of a bright flashlight?
The shape may be a little different, but the structure is the same.
Q:LED flashlight structure and manufacturing method
There are many configurations, are light cup lens LED drive circuit and a switch the main parts of the barrel, but broken up and a lot of LED there are many, there are a variety of thermal design, the drive circuit is not the same, the switch structure is also varied, and the waterproof O ring if you have time, or go to the forum you dive bar no, people have enough energy to help you organize, too much work
Q:What about LED flashlights and AMC7135, and a better, more practical IC?
The reliability, stability, artistry and uniqueness of the product can make you feel fresh and new. (global titanium flashlight manufacturers specializing in the production of only 3 companies, domestic only our family, and as a domestic LED flashlight manufacturers, we in 05 years to enter the date, a good reputation and excellent product quality in the rest of the manufacturers has been at the forefront in the field of electric, many game player, our product with the most the famous "Shenhuo" side by side, said, buy foreign flashlight, then buy the, buy domestic flashlight, then buy the "Beidou", a lot of game player the ultimate goal is our products)
Q:What battery is the rechargeable LED flashlight battery? What is the principle?
Nickel batteries, because the battery is carbon based, the power output is slow, relatively linear, output, use for a long time
Q:The Led flashlight has been charged for a very short time. Is there something wrong with the battery?
The battery is dead and replace the new battery.
Q:What about the flashlight bulb? Which kind of brightness will be higher?
Good to the number of beads flashlight flashlight lamp, flashlight and now basically use the CREE company of the United States beads. Commonly used according to brightness from low to high: Q3, Q5, R3, R4, R5, T6, U2.
Q:Led how can I buy a high power flashlight?
A rechargeable flashlight is a hand-held electronic lighting tool that can be recharged repeatedly. Rechargeable flashlight, green environmental protection, probe, rechargeable flashlight, imported raw materials, switching life long
Q:Flashlight with 9 LED bulbs, you need a few batteries, a few sections, volts, how much time can take?
With 3 batteries can be connected in series, if the brightness is not enough, you can try 4 batteries in series. As for the number, it doesn't matter. Batteries 5, 7, or other models are basically different in size and capacity
Q:What's the reason for the LED flashlight on?
Unlike a short circuit, it could be a drive board problem. You'd better change it to the seller. The drive board doesn't deserve it
Q:Special police flashlight LED lamp is broken, how to repair?
This flashlight is very expensive in 4-5 years ago, to a 3-4, is now 20 dollars the price of cabbage, also have to go to quality, bad words are the basic constant current drive circuit is bad, the small size of it, the core element is held by integrated circuit,

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