ATEX BAY-H Series Explosion-proof Light Fittings for Fluorescent Lamp

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Item specifice:

IP Rating: IP65 Color Temperature: Cool White Lamp luminous flux(lm): 1000、2000
Body material: other Power(W): 21 Certification: CCC,CE,CQC,GOST,UL
Working Temperature(℃): -20℃~+55℃ PF: ≧0.95 Input voltage(V): 220~2240V AC 50/60Hz
CRI (Ra>): >90 Warranty: 1

Product Description:

ATEX BAY-H Series Explosion-proof Light Fittings for Fluorescent LampATEX BAY-H Series Explosion-proof Light Fittings for Fluorescent Lamp

1、Copper-free aluminium shell, plastic-sprayed surface, rape yellow (RAL1021;

2、The protective mesh is sprayed with white after galvanizing.

3、Tempered glass cover, heat resistant.

mainly supplies internationally certified explosion-proof electrical products needed by different countries and regions. The main internationally certified explosion-proof products are IECEX explosion-proof appliances, ATEX explosion-proof appliances, CU-TR explosion-proof appliances, UL explosion-proof appliances, FM explosion-proof appliances, PESO explosion-proof appliances, INMETRO explosion-proof appliances, TISI explosion-proof appliances, KC explosion-proof appliances and GB standard explosion-proof appliances. Specifically include: explosion-proof operation column, explosion-proof bolt, explosion-proof motor switch, explosion-proof circuit breaker, explosion-proof junction box, explosion-proof lighting (power) distribution box, explosion-proof power overhaul box, explosion-proof overhaul socket box, positive pressure explosion-proof box, positive pressure analysis cabin, explosion-proof air conditioning and other explosion-proof electrical appliances as well as various explosion-proof lamps, explosion-proof lamps and lanterns. Explosion-proof products such as Gran.

 main customer groups are owners of petroleum, petrochemical, marine engineering, shipping, military, pharmaceutical, coal and metallurgical industries at home and abroad; construction companies with general and subcontracting qualifications; China offices of foreign petrochemical companies; trading companies that organize goods sources for foreign owners at home; and large stone companies. Chemical equipment exporters; and customers who need international certification of explosion-proof electrical products.

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Q:Can the LED lamp replace the explosion-proof lamp tube in the food shop?
But another common LED lamp case is a plastic case. Because of the low cost of plastic shell, some low-end LED lamps will be made of plastic shell. But the plastic shell is not easy to heat, and when the plastic is hot, it melts easily and sublimated to produce harmful gas. Therefore, Europe, North America and Japan do not use plastic shell. Due to the large number of domestic demand for low-cost LED lights, plastic shell in the domestic sales.
Q:How should I choose the explosion proof lamp?
Technical parameter:The following standards: GB3836.1-2000, GB3836.2-2000, IEC60079;The following proof mark: Exe IICT4;The following rated voltage: AC220V/50Hz;Select the appropriate led explosion-proof lamp according to the area used for IIA, IIB, IIC
Q:How can the emergency proof lamp be changed at work?
Connection: loosen cover M6 inner six angle bolt, open the lamp cover, unscrew lamp cable clamp nut into the mouth, remove the sealing piece, the power cable through the nut into the lamp internal wiring terminal, the line is connected and fixed, then tighten the cable clamp nut, the front cover of lamp installed.
Q:What is the price of hand held ocean King explosion-proof lamp 255*216?
The ocean King's hand-held explosion-proof lamp comes in several sections. Which one exactly?.
Q:Which markets are the fixed explosion-proof lamps mainly for?
Gas stations, Sinopec, chemical plants, pharmaceutical factories, coal industry, CNOOC, iron and steel works, metallurgy, power, ships, troops, government departments, fire protection, construction works
Q:What kind of explosion proof lamp does the aluminum buckle plate contain?
Decoration and decoration can discuss the requirements of the decoration, and then implemented. The living room lights are generally more beautiful, but with the aluminum buckle, then we need some special lamps, or install aluminum gusset need special treatment, or the whole installation process will be a little bit is not smooth, of course, for those professional installation of aluminium Kouban ceiling of the people, this is a very easy thing, only need to handle a small aluminum plate, then you can mount the lamp is very fit. When installed, must pay attention to all the materials ready, all need to use the tools ready or not, if you are ready, then you can install, are generally the first installation of the keel, keel after fixed, it can be inserted in the aluminum gusset keel gap, and then fixed to firmly, note here is aluminum buckle in the installation process must be handled carefully, otherwise they are easily damaged.
Q:Natural gas use area, LED spotlight is not the ranks of riot lights
Natural gas use areas, led spotlights will require explosion protection
Q:Can the gas station led explosion proof lamp 100W be used as street light?
In general, the gas station lights have a roof to block the rain or the sun,Therefore, the waterproof standard may not be as high as the direct exposure to the outdoor street lamp, and the working environment of the street lamp is even worse.
Q:100W price of explosion proof lamp at led gas station?
This is also the explosion-proof lamp power only square to achieve, the installation height is 8 meters, selection of explosion-proof grade or IIC, a stand up to 10 light is good, each tanker each one, covering four corners of the installation of a lamp is essential
Q:What's the price of the LED explosion-proof emergency lamp?
Medium, about 130 yuan. High end of about 280 yuan

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