Moulding Strip Line for Car Window Decoration

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Product Description:



Virgin PVC core and double side tape. Not only provide protection, it will give you vehicle that top-of-the-line look. Give your vehicle a new upgrade with our custom trim body molding in factory and universal style.



Use Tips:

1. Cleaning up where it is to be installed, there shold be no wax or oil residual;

2. It should be used over 18, the surface of the gum should be heated with hot air whenever it is below the temperature to ensure the effect adhesiveness;

3. Avoid to wash the car with automative washing machine within 24 hrs after installing;

4. If what you bought is the type attached with an END, the length of the END should be deducted before cutting, and adhere the END after completing the adhering of the trim.


Products Detailed Information:


Virgin PVC and double sided adhesive


Edge Guard--Protect your car door from dings and chips by installing door edge guards

and car door trim from Brand sport. Our car door guards are available in clear, 

chrome, or a veritable rainbow of colors that can match any color on your car. 



1. Used for car decorations

2.Designed for the attachment of a wide variety of automotive exterior and 

interior trim including body side moldings, claddings, rock panel trim, 

wheel flares, bumper trim and most other automotive trim. 

For car interior protection and beautify.



6 mm,8 mm,10 mm




Package (rolls/carton)




Our Advantages

1.Specification can be changed according to customer's need

2.All side trim moldings are OEM quality, backed with 3M adhesive and are easy to install.

3.We also have aluminum rivet-on channel molding and colored insert trim used for  door moldings and car side moldings.

4.Various packing available depending on customer's request.

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We have the state-of-art technology and equipment as well as an excellent team of experienced workers. Our goal is "to supply good quality and satisfactory products to our customers". with the outstanding technology, we have been developing rapidly. We welcome customers from the entire world to cooperate with us.

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