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This series of tyre are with excellent matrix structure design, beautiful and practical pattern, good traction and driving stability, abrasion resistance and anti-tearing performance.

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Q:What is the top of the car tires? Is inside the tire inside.
That thing is painted with a fender outside the box! Which is called the fender lining! It can be called round eyebrows
Q:When do I need alignment for my tires?
I had to buy tires last year and I went through the same thing. Since I don't know anything useful about the different tire brands, I started by looking at the tires in the price range I was limited to. Then from there, I looked at the warranty for each tire I looked at. I also checked my cars' manual to make sure I got the right size. Then, I looked at what was included. If the Bridgestone tires have a warranty you are comfortable with, I woudl go with those since the alignment is included. You woudl think the balancing would be included as well but every place has its' own deals. My car did not need an alignment when I bought the tires, and now that there are 20k miles on them, I still don't need one. To answer your original question, you need an alignment when you drive down a straight road and take your hands off the wheel, and your car does not continue moving straight. OR If you step on the brakes, the car tries to pull either left or right.
Q:2005 Hyundai Tiburon GT Tires?
Beach Girl; Look for Uniroyals or Michelins for a good wearing tire, this is my opinion. I have my 3rd set of B.F. Goodrich on my Cobra Mustang, they're not bad, but all tires will wear out eventually. Hope this helps.
Q:Why are the front tires of motorcycles thinner than the rear tires? (In some)?
First, the rear tire drives the motorcycle. And the more power you have, the more traction you need in the rear to keep the tire from just breaking loose. But also it can be a matter of style. For many years, Harley Davidsons had no suspension in the rear. The seat was sprung to absorb some shock, but also the rear tire was much bigger/fatter than it needed to be, to cushion the ride somewhat. Today that's part of the style of a cruiser. Many cruisers (Harley's 'Softail', and many Japanese cruisers) hid their rear suspension to look like they have a rigid rear end, and the big rear tire is part of that.
Q:Relearn Tire Positions?
2007 Chevy Silverado Tires
Q:Recommended tire size for 16x7 Rims?
This Site Might Help You. RE: Recommended tire size for 16x7 Rims? Dont want to much tire, want like low profile tires that will look good and not fugly.Recommended tire brand?
Q:Red Mountain Bike Tyres?
Check out E bay I have seen some red tires, I had some on a Fuji.
Q:Uneven tire wear on my 26in Mountain bike?
Ok, you really need to read up on some S197 forums on this but I'll break it down to you. First off, T/A is wrong. CAI systems do work especially under high rpm situations because your stock intake tube is a rubber piece. It collapses in situations of high vaccum. As for the S197 cars the issue is the Spanish Oak computers. Yes the K+N CAI does add power but the minute you put it on a dyno and check the F/A ratio, you will find that there are moments the car runs lean. not just lean but very lean. With these cars you need a CAI AND a tuner to get it properly tuned. This is why you see other brands toting a much higher figure (usually about +28 HP or so). And I'm betting some of those no name brands aren't really no name brands, but just brands you aren't familiar with (like JLT or GMS).
Q:Studded or Unstudded Winter Tires?
Winter tires are not like All-Season tires. Winter tires have special rubber compounds designed to improve traction, handling and braking in all cold weather conditions, not just ice and snow. Today's winter tires have different compounds and designs that deliver from 25 to 50 percent more traction in snow and ice, and stay pliable in cold weather allowing for more control on dry roads. Using just two on a vehicle creates a traction mismatch that can have serious handling consequences. Using four winter tires ensures optimum traction and control for all vehicle types. The best tire would be the bridgestone blizzak tire and you don't need studs.
Q:What causes a bulge in a car tire?
This is a sign of a weakness in the sidewall, usually caused by pothole/curb damage. The internal structures (the belts) of the tire can tear under sharp impact and allow the air pressure to create a bulge in the sidewall. This cannot be repaired. The tire needs to be replaced. if you have a road hazard warranty on your tires you might be able to get a replacement free or at a reduced (prorated) cost from the place you bought the tires Don't wait for it to blow out. It will do so under the highest heat conditions, which is likely during freeway drivingjust where you don't need a blowout. If your tires have significant wear, you should replace two at a time. For instanceboth front or rear tires. Save the extra as an emergency spare. As tires wear they become smaller (less tall) and can adversely affect the efficiency or operation of things like computer controlled (ABS) braking or other traction assists.

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