2013 Hot Sale Colorful High Speed and Good Working wheel rims/auto wheels/red pu wheels

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1. Advantage:

Fine process and high quality.

Light weight and Fine design

Good service and timely delivery.



1) High quality and reasonable price of car alloy wheels from 13 inch to 26 inch.

2) Widest range of aluminum wheels and aftermarket wheels.

3) Standard: TS16949, TUV, JWL, VIA, TSE, SFI.

4) Stock wheels can be shipped at once.

5) Great after-sale service,carry a lifetime structure warranty.

6) Can be make according to customer requirement..

1,auto wheel rim 
2,saving energy 
3, Our car alloy wheel has great competitive strength 
4, low price 
5, Standard:TS16949/IS2


 BK409 auto wheel rim for a car

1,auto wheel rim

2,saving energy 
3, Our car alloy wheel has great competitive strength

4, low price

5, Standard:TS16949/IS2002,VIA,.TSE and GMC

13X6.0 +30 100-114.3 4H

  • My company produces and exports alloy wheel s for years with good quality and competitive prices. We offer the quality customize wheel for aftermarket as well replica wheels. We have the size range from 12 inches to 24inches. We can make the wheels as chrome or paint finish. We promise the prompt delivery and reasonable price. We have the capacity of 15,0000pcs per month . So we can meet the quantity you want. Welcome anybody who want to deal these products to contact us.Up to now, we have enjoyed good popularity all over the world.

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Q:Which longboard wheels are the best ones?
Tons of wheels can do what you want. My favorite wheels currently are Sector 9 Race Formulas. Grab some 70mm/82a (round ones for more slip, slalom shape for more grip). They're the fastest wheels I've ever ridden, and they're cheap.
Q:What is the difference in inline speed skating wheels as in 80mm and 100mm.?
The 5 wheels are better. The 80mm is for beginners
Q:Does my 2004 dodge Dakota have 4 wheel abs?
Starting in the late 1980's most light duty trucks had rear wheel ABS then in the mid 1990's the automakers came out with four wheel ABS. There is two different ways you can tell if your Dakota has four wheel ABS as one way is while starting the engine is to look for the ABS warning light to come on along with other warning lights. Another way is to find an empty space after a shower as you get the truck up to highway speeds then slam on the brakes. If you have ABS then you should feel pulsations in the brake pedal as it is trying to prevent wheel lockup.
Q:How is the train wheel made?
Beyond my professional range, do not understand ah. Need to please bogie professional for two.
Q:Should I get alloy wheels?
I would be no means move to a larger wheel with a lot of potholes. Larger wheel means thinner tire, which means easier to damage when you hit a pothole. The car will also ride 'stiffer' and you'll feel more little bumps. Tires 'kicking off the wheel covers' sounds like nonsense to me. I wouldn't mess with new wheels at all, but if you did, I'd stick with 16 and just choose some that have the looks you want. No extra maintenance really. Just keep the brake dust washed off them if it tends to build up.
Q:Angular speed of a wheel?
1. The angular speed of the smaller wheel 1600 * (6/3) 3200 rpm 3200 * 2π radians per minute 20106 rad/min. 2. the angular speed of the smaller wheel in rpm 3200.
Q:Wheel bent or somthing else?
if it was a bent arm they wouldn't be able to set the alignment in the rear in should be indepent suspenion more the likely its a bent rim take it to a tire shop and have it balance they should be able to tell u if its a bent rim. should only cost u about $12.00 bucks at the most to have checked out
Q:a play station 2 wheel controller?
dont waste your money. mine sits in a corner and collects dust. and you cant take em to eb games for store credit
Q:rear wheel drive cars?
There are many engineering compromises that must be made to package drive and steering in the front end. With a rear drive, those problems can be avoided. As a result, rear drive cars have: 1. better weight distribution 2. Lower unspring weight in the front 3. No torque steer 4. Much better handling.
Q:where can i find cheap link wheel service?
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