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Q:what are the ingredients of a tire black
Tires are surprisingly complex. I'm not sure exactly what you are asking in the question. Specifically, the black in tires is carbon black (i.e. soot!) that has been mixed into the rubber during processing. This is done to give the rubber additional strength and to lower costs. (This is known as rubber compounding). The rubber used in tires if I remember correctly is usually a blend with a major part natural rubber. When the tire is assembled the rubber will be cured (usually with sulphur + accelerators and high temperatures). Tires also usually have fabric plies and steel inserts for additional strength and durability.
Q:How does the car tires change?
Because the weight of the body is not evenly distributed on the four tires, often transposition absolutely help to ensure uniform wear of the tire, thereby extending the tire life. Usually the front-wheel drive vehicle should be transposed every 8,000 km, while the four-wheel drive vehicle needs to be transposed every 6,000 km. The first time the tire is tilted, the tire's inflation pressure must follow the manufacturer's recommendations.
Q:All season tires . no humming sounds like those in Z-rated tires . good lookin normal original size ! price range 100-125 each !
I have a saab 95 and 325i Nokian WR G2 these are all season winter tires chech them out they are the best i live im minneasota winter we get lots of snow ice in the rain and they don't stop and the Siping grips the road i drive fast with other tires ive ended up on the side of the road but not with these check the tread 3-D Self-Locking Siping
Q:I have a camp trailer and I put car tires on it ,did great for 2 years then got into a wind storm and the tread came off
One key difference we need to think about though is the intended use. An automotive tire (if you listen to the vehicle manufacturers) is there to give you a soft comfortable ride. To do this they have lower air pressure and softer side walls which flex a lot. Trailer tires on the other hand are meant to carry a load. If we follow the 32 psi rule, the trailer tires side wall will flex too much and quickly overheat, possibility leading to a tire failure. More on tire pressure is a little further on. A big difference however lies in construction of the tires. There is a huge difference in the plies and belting of automotive tires versus many trailer tires. There is also a huge difference in trailer tire between manufacturer's and some are just down right garbage.
Q:at what mm should u replace ur tires mines at 4mm
2/32 or roughly 1.5mm is the legal limit in most places but tires actually lose a significant amount of wet weather traction when they get below 4/32 (3 mm) remaining tread depth as this is the point where many of the smaller tread grooves and sipes begin to disappear. Thus, while it is legal to drive tires that are below 3mm tread depth, safety is impaired.
Q:what is the deal with rain tires? why arent they using them in japan? are they only for road courses?
Rain tires are never used on ovals. Even with the best rain tires in the world the speeds are too high and the forces to great to generate any grip on a wet oval.
Q:my car recommends 94 V, but they are more expensive , and harder to afford/.? is it ok if i replace all the tires with 98H rated tire, or would it not have good handling,please help??
As a tire industry professional I always recommend sticking with tires of the same speed rating as originally installed at the factory. Tires have more to do with how a car rides, stops and handles than anything else. Put on less tire than what the car was engineered for and you do run a risk of downgrading those capabilities. And besides, you bought the car because you liked how it drove, right?
Q:what different size tires can be mounted on a 26x1.5 rim
You can go from a 1.5 to 2.20 if you have the frame clearance.
Q:What is the size of the car tires (including: large, small)?
You say is the wheel bar car tire steel ring, commonly known as the "wheel" when the wheel diameter remains unchanged (tire tread outer diameter), and increase the hub diameter, will make the "thin side of the tire" tire is rubber Manufacturing, is a flexible tire thick, in the car during the process, you can absorb the road from the stimulation, and can play the role of shock absorption, increase ride comfort. But at high speed, easy to produce tire resonance, affecting the stability of the suspension; Similarly, in the high-speed cornering, flexible tires in the body of the "centrifugal force" and "roll" under the action of deformation, affecting the wheel Earth and thin tires, its advantages and disadvantages and the thick tires just the opposite, but also to provide a good sense of road racing, is conducive to their play. The use of cars to increase the diameter of the hub, most of them are racing or sports car, its excellent suspension system, can greatly eliminate the tire after the resulting weakness.
Q:My tire just blew out and my husband is calling around to find the cheapest tires, is there a better way?
See if there are any used tire places in your area. You can get a good set of tires with over 80% tread-life for a fraction of the cost of brand new ones. You may have to call a few different places to track down the exact size you need but if you're looking for the cheapest possible solution, this is it. Just pull up Google and type in your city followed by used tires (I.E. San Diego used tires. without the quotes).

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