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Q:how do i dispose of old tires?
Jugglermat I had a Pair of Tyre Sandals in the Mid 1960ties during the Hippie Era when I was a young Teenager.They were not Comfortable to wear but my Feet did not turn Black as there was some kind of Cloth Lining stuck in them. They were Hard on the Feet though and I threw them out. Fishermen and the Yachting Fraternity sometimes use them as Fenders to Protect their Boats from being bashed off the Pier Walls. The only Information I can give you is Phone your Local Municipal Council Recycling Centre,or Tyre Companies.
Q:Are there any fake car tires?
Sure there is ah!
Q:Car tire on rear of motorcycle?
Car Tire On Motorcycle
Q:Name something that you are tired of.?
in a sence same rules aply for normal braces i hope that helps. look it up and visit this website okay this should helpa lot. type this in and alot of info should pop up
Q:NEED HELP tire psi!!!?
Maximum pressure is listed on the tire sidewall. Whatever feels good up to that pressure.
Q:What are decent tires?
Goodyear is an excellent brand for tires. I currently have Hankook tires on my 2008 Scion xB and they perform very well for me, considering I'm not grabbing for monster speeds on the highway. You need to look at the trim of the tire, rather, the rating. Z tires give you the most performance. Those are the ones you want, but they're very expensive. R tires are the most common ones. You can find them on most sedans, midsize, coupes, cross-overs, etc. Your car has a sport trim, so you're most likely going to have to get a tire with a better rating than R. They'll work, but they won't work as well if you want longevity out of your tire. As long as you don't drive like an over-caffeinated deranged soccer mom, then you should be fine with Hankook R-type tires.
Q:Need help with my bike tire?
On the sidewall of the tire will be guidelines from the manufacturer as to minimum maximum inflation levels. Use a GOOD air gauge to check your tires for proper air pressure. Any tire, even with as little as 20 lbs. of air will feel firm. That doesn't come close to even what a mountain bike tire usually holds. Let's put it this way. I check my tires before every ride with an air gauge.
Q:What is the most affordable place to buy tires?
I would say Discount Tires . they will beat anybody's price too! That's where I end up buying my tires after I shop around for the best price. then I show them the price I got, then have them beat it!
Q:What is the different between car's tire and aircraf's tire ?
car tires cant fly ...hardy har har
Q:17 tire patch?
RMA Guidelines for the re-sale of used tires recommend against selling any tire that has previously been repaired.

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