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Truck tire flap
Size: 1100-20, 1200-20
Tensile strength: 8Mpa, 10Mpa
Bus tire flap, rim flap
Strict quality control

1. We are specialized factory.

2. We also make butyl inner tube and natural inner tube.

3. All of our flaps and tubes are made of good quality materials, so you can have a free-minded sale in your market.

The advantages of our product:

  • High quality.

  • Competitive price.

  • Good looking appearance.

  • Independent innovation ability  (we have a 16 years of experience) .

  • Good service and reputation.

  • Hot sell.

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Q:Where do I purchase Top Brand tires for lowest price?
Depends what you consider top brand, Myself I think Michelin top brand and Tire Kingdom will work with you on price, need to get aligned at same time, and believe have free rotation after sale. I drive a 2004 Corvette and got a good deal on performance tires with good warranty, You can go to Michelin web site and they can show you tires for your truck and you can pick which suites your driving best. Mine cost $1,250.00 for 4 but are also run flats seeing no spare and 4 wheel align and taxes. Yours should be way cheaper. they handle way better and stop better than original Firestones
Q:survey:are you emotionally tired??
We all are at some point in time. The important thing is to keep going and stay strong/positive!
Q:Honda new tire inflation?
inflate to the pressure on the tire. not on the car's placard
Q:Will the tire tires in the running tire cause a puncture?
Look at luck
Q:2011 Dodge Caliber Main Street all weather tires?
The best tires for dealing with winter conditions that you will experience in Boston are a full set of winter tires. All weather tires are essentially aggressive all season tires. They are okay but for best winter traction, you need proper winter tires.
Q:best tires for a porsche 911 carrera?
While it's true that all four tires should match - have similar characteristics - be aware that sometimes different tread designs from the same manufacturer are ok, if both fronts treads are the same and both back treads are the same. Porsche specifically develops tires for each of their 911 models in conjunction with tire manufacturers. Brands that are certified are indicated by N0, N1, N2, etc. molded on the tires (N0 was original equipment; N1 is the first tire certified for replacement use; etc). Example: you can buy Michelin Pilot Sports either with or without the N designator. The certified Porsche N tires cost more though they may look identical to the non-certified ones. That said, I've recently been running tires on my 911 Turbo that I can recommend for both street and track. I've been using them both places and I'm amazed at the all-around performance. They're not Hoosiers, but the track grip is impressive and they wear wonderfully on the street. I've had them at 110 mph on a wet track and they felt good (rain tires!). And they're not as loud as the Bridgestone Potenzas that came on the car; I put those on its dress wheels, and now I'm wondering if I'll ever use those tires and wheels again. These are Kumho Ecsta SPTs. They have heat and wear ratings like a street tire, yet perform well on the track. Some people have suggested to me that there are even better Kumho models I should try. An upscale tire store sales weeney suggested I should be ashamed of putting cheap tires on such an expensive car. (They run about a quarter to a third the cost of Pirelli PZeros, Michelin Pilot Sports, etc).
Q:What tires are best for drifting?
Tires with minimal tread, but not bald.
Q:Low tire pressure?
Low tire pressure will effect the safety and fuel efficiency of your car. Although the tires may not look like the pressure is low the only way to know for sure is to use a tire gauge and check. If a tire looks low than it is WAY too low and dangerous to drive on. Technically you can still drive a car with low tire pressure but it is bad for the car and the tires. The tires will wear out incorrectly which means you'll have to replace them sooner or could cause a blow-out. The car also has to burn more fuel when the tire pressure is low so it costs you more at the pump. If you do not want to fill the tires yourself take your car to a garage or tire store. It will take less than 5 minutes for them to check your tires and fill them for you, they may even be able to teach you how to do it yourself! While you are there make sure to pick up a tire gauge, they are easy to use and by using one you will not have to question your tire pressure any more. The pressure in your tires will naturally change with the weather and temperature so it is good to be able to check and maintain your tire pressure yourself.
Q:97Y What does it mean for car tires?
97 refers to the tire's load index, which corresponds to the maximum load capacity of the tire is 730 kg. Y refers to the speed level of the tire, which corresponds to the maximum speed of the tire is 300 km / h.
Q:Tired Every Day.?
Could be a thyroid condition- which can be taken care of with medication. Talk with your parent(s) about taking you to the doctor. If you're feeling overly tired, you need to be checked out.

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